Top Minecraft Cracked Servers

Top Minecraft Cracked Servers

Minecraft cracked servers

Minecraft is an amazingly famous online game. Due to the big amount of players, the price is likely remains high for a long time. Luckily, there are some ways you can join in on the Minecraft fun without hesitating about the price tag.

Cracked Minecraft clients and servers are considered illegal; bear that in mind as we go along. This guide was made for educational objective only.

What is a cracked minecraft server?

A cracked Minecraft permits you to use a cracked client rather than the Mojang client to play. If you want to enjoy a Cracked Minecraft Game you must play on specific Cracked Mincraft servers. This means you can play without a legal Minecraft account and can bypass the usual account security checks. Cracked Minecraft servers are very famous, with some estimates advising millions of accounts.

Advantages of Minecraft cracked servers

Cracked serves even have some benefits. Normally, if Minecraft servers are down, your server will be too. This is not the case for server’s setup to run a cracked mode. You and every other player will still be capable to link to the server no issue the status of the official Minecraft servers.

On the other hand, you will be restricted. Cracked servers do not permit for your own personal account. Once you have logged out, anyone else can sign in with the same username and have access to your account. You can perform this to others as well.  This presents another fairly big issue – moderation. Every person can log into any account, so you cannot accounts with unique privileges because it will be abused.

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Here are some of the best Minecraft cracked servers:

Crazy Fools UK

Although Crazy Fools UK might not be famous servers, it is one of the oldest from the UK. The server official site even says that it is the oldest from the United Kingdom, but Minecraftonline, which is based in England, is a few months older.

Crazy Fools UK is a traditional survival mode server that says it is a safe and friendly location to play without any of the issues of idiotic griefers or admins. As a little custom touch to the regular game, Crazy Fools UK has its own custom coded “WaterWorld”, which specs a big ocean full of islands and pirate chips. While the server is public, Crazy Fools UK says that any person wanting to join the server has to pass a simple intelligence test.


Along with Mineplex, Hypixel is one of the most famous Mincraft servers are created. In 2015, the 7,000,000 special players logged on to the Hypixel server.

Hypixel has stayed famous for so long because of how big and its special minigames. Each of the minigames has its own quests, coins, and lobby. The server has normal survival, shooters, hardcore survival, and team survival, hide and seek, arcade games, arena brawl, and many more.


It is presently the biggest and most famous Minecraft server in the planet. Mineplex is so big that there are 1000 of players logged on to the server at all hours throughout the night and day. The server is listed as an official Minecraft partner on its site.

To keep things running perfectly, Mineplex sells its own custom in-game cosmetics to help pay for server costs, plugin development, world development, and giveways. Mineplex key spec is its “minigames”, which are unique customized maps with different challenges. Minegame categories include: Survival, Arcade, Classics, Clans, Champions, and Holiday.


While there is a lot of talk over which existing Minecraft server is the oldest, most people trust that Minecraftonline is officially the oldest Minecraft server. The key world of Minecraftonline, Freedonia was created on the same day Minecraft survival multiplayer.

Since Freedonia has running for as so long as has forever been open to the public, it is packed with numerous cities, towns, and sites. To preserve all the hard job of its users over the years, the admins of Minecraftonline permanently ban anyone who tries to mess with any of the constructions in Freedonia.


Autcraft is a server made mainly for adults and kids who have autism. It is made to be a safe haven for those who want to reprieve from the potentially overwhelming things you would find on other servers. This contains things like no freighting characters and ensures everything is kept child-friendly. You have to apply in order to join the server, but if you make in then you are best to go. It is not doing anything unique in terms of how it plays, but it is helpful one to know if you or a family member have autism and would love to know there is somewhere secure to go.

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What should I know before joining a server?

  • Every server has different rules you need to respect and learn, and a staff team to make sure you stick to them.
  • Depending on the server, hacking is generally not permitted, nor is using a cracked client.
  • Keep swear words under control. Be type and considerate of others and do not spam the in-game chat.
  • Respect the staff team and those providing their time to keep the server running perfectly.
  • Running a server costs cash. If you love it, consider donating to support it.

What games can I play on MC servers?

Pretty much anything your heart wants. There is 100s of servers each suiting a different gameplay style, catering to all flavors. A creative server will turn you into an artist; you to craft big constructions with ease, whereas a survival vanilla server will have you hunt and mine night and day in order to survive the skeletons and zombies.

How to join a Minecraft server

To join a Minecraft server, all you need to perform is copy the server IP address text, and then in Minecraft multiplayer menu pick add server and paste the text you copied into the server address box. Given the server a name, click performed, and joins the server. Easy!


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