Top Emulators for PC and Mac

Emulators can be defined as a software application that mainly allows your mobile to imitate all kind of android OS features into the PC. Therefore, it will be allowing the user to install various android apps on the computer or laptop and then use them natively. These are mainly used for debugging purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best emulator present in the market and is been used by a lot of people nowadays as per their needs. So, if you are someone who is not able to decide with which emulator you can proceed then I am sure this article will be a great help for you. In here I have tried to cover the most used emulators highlighting their features and so many other things too. In this list, you can find both open-source which is mostly free as well as the commercial software where you are charged per the plans available.

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List of Top 6 Emulators for PC and Mac

#1. LDPlayer:

LDPlayer is one of the most loved emulators in the market. This offers an ideal android emulation system that has various features applicable in many applications. There are many other features to fulfil everything which is performed by the emulator.



  1. The users can download the android games as well as the apps from the pre-installed LD store or Google store. 
  2. It even helps you manage almost every game automatically.
  3. It offers custom controls with both keyboards as well as the mouse.
  4. This even allows the users to open various games simultaneously

#2. Bluestacks:

This is a very popular android emulator. This also has various offers in which the custom key configuration for keyboard mapping is enabled. This mainly helps the user to improve the target as well as reaction time while you are enjoying the game with keyboard and mouse.



  1. With this, the player can play multiple games simultaneously
  2. Here you can record and replay any action in the real-time
  3. It allows you to record the videos as well audios
  4. The supported platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS

#3. Game Loop:

This is an android emulator which is mostly used for games. This is more like an ideal emulator. That is mostly used on the desktop. This emulator has various popular games like call of duty, PUBG and many others.



  1. This supports the android mobile PUBG game and lets you enjoy it on the PC.
  2. This also offers configured controls that are used while playing games on PC
  3. The users can also make use of customizing PUBG mobile control overlay
  4. Apart from this, the emulator does not ask for any kind of account creation so actually, there is not any need that you should register
  5. This emulator also works in a quite low configuration of computer tool.

#4. Nox Player:

This is also an android emulator which is been appreciated by a lot of game lovers around the globe. The users can run this emulator on various devices without facing any problem.



  1. This offers the open keyboard that is used for running just with a single click. Apart from this, all the gaming controls are managed by the mouse and keyboard.
  2. The emulator also comes with a default macro recorder to record all type of complex
  3. This mainly offers the best user experience as well as a superior experience

#5. Memu:

This is an easy to install emulator present in the market. That is advised by a lot of famous gamers in the market. This offers to support for intel and AMD chips. Apart from this, it supports integrated and dedicated graphics.



  1. The range of keyboard mapping mainly has the options that are used to enhance the gaming experience
  2. This provides the option for virtualization
  3. Apart from this, it offers various dedicated keyboard settings that will increase your gaming experience.
  4. The supported platforms are android and Microsoft windows 

#6. AndY:

This is another android emulator which is quite famous in the market. This is popularly known for breaking down the barrier between the mobile and the desktop. This is done by the user updating the emulator with new features from time to time.



  1. It offers storage capacity to the users.
  2. Secondly, it provides the user with the freedom to play any game that is available on the android platform with ease.
  3. It provides smooth interfacing between the desktop and android phone
  4. It allows you to download almost any app from the desktop browsing as per your necessity
  5. The supported platforms are android, macOS and Microsoft windows

Apart from all the above-listed emulators, there are a few others that you can try:

  1. Genymotion
  2. PrimeOS
  3. Android-x86
  4. ARChon
  5. Ko Player
  6. Droid4x
  7. ARC Welder


All the above-listed emulators are quite impressive to be used. Let us know which one does you like? I hope the article was helpful for my readers.

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