Top 8 Ways of Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Top 8 Ways of Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

As the social media marketing for restaurants is growing worldwide, it’s hard for the restaurants to survive if they would not have good level of social media interaction with their audiences. The exponential growth in the social media marketing for restaurants has forced the new and the old restaurants owners to build a social media platform and start doing social media marketing to serve the best customers experience. As a result in the growth of social media marketing, different restaurant owners start promoting their businesses socially and start giving additional benefits to their customers.

Implementing Social media marketing for restaurants will stand their business in front of millions of people available on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other such great social media platforms. Restaurant’s owners can promote them socially by posting regularly on their social media accounts as what is happening in the restaurants, their photos, latest chef’s creation and other new dishes they are introducing in their restaurants. Few of the restaurants even create their video shots as how they are preparing different dishes and often upload it on YouTube.

Top 8 Methods in which restaurants are using social media marketing

#1. Social media sites for example Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Yelp are vital for the restaurants to receive feedback and ratings from their customers on different aspects of their business such as how they rate their services and how much they like dishes on their menu. It allows them to observe their reputation & if they find any complaint from any of their customers they can resolve complaints as soon as possible.

#2. Social media marketing is also a great way of promotion to promote new dishes including in their menus especially on Pinterest, where restaurant’s owners can post the images of mouth-watering new foods.

#3. Twitter, along with Facebook, have proved to be invaluable for giving discounts & promotions to their existing customers with the additional benefit that these can be shared with targeted new customers too. They are both great platforms for setting up dialogues with customers too.

#4. Pinterest & Instagram offers the perfect platforms for sharing photographs of new dishes, projects such as refurbishments. The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is definitely true.

#5. By providing competitions & giveaways to their customers, restaurants not only create interest in their establishment but also gain access to thousands of targeted and filtered customers.

#6. Sites for example Linkedin & Google+ encourage businesses to connect & create network with other businesses.

#7. Social media proved be a great medium to find new employees for their restaurants by asking current employers to add a simple application to their Facebook page, which notifies them when new jobs become available and suggests which of their friends might be suitable applicants for the jobs available.

#8. Most of the restaurants are also using the services such as Groupon, a deal of the day recommendation service which offers electronic discount coupons for the customers. This is proving a great method to entice both existing and new customers into restaurants, especially at off peak hours.

Of course simply signing up to a social media site would not bring the desired results, there has to be a consistent & persistent approach for interacting & engaging with new and existing customers. Currently many of restaurants do not have the time or manpower to properly implement the social media marketing for restaurants, but as social media continues to develop, restaurateurs will be wise to add this social media aspect of marketing to their business models to promote their businesses online.

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