Top 6 Places in Free Fire to Loot

The goal when playing Free Fire is to survive. For this to happen, players need to battle brutally. This is a Battle Royale style of game, and knowing the map you can become a Free Fire master.

The first step for a character and to be successful in the game is to pick up loots. Due to this factor you need to know the details about the island map.

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The 6 best places in Free Fire to loot and become a master

The appearance of loots is random, but there are places where the chances of getting a good loot are greater. Discover these places to be successful.

1 – The Observatory

Located on the west side of the map, the observatory is considered a good place to obtain successful loot. There are several rooms, ramps, high places and dead spots.

In this location there are several danger points, and if you want to fight close-up, venturing through the observatory is a good option.

One of the biggest dangers in this area is the difficulty of finding safe areas, because depending on the gas zone you may face risks.

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2 – The Cemetery

These are one of the places with good possibilities for loot. Check all floors of the mansion, starting at the top if possible. Visiting the graves is also a good idea as there is a lot of loot there.

The cemetery is located in the northeast of the map and be very careful or your character will not leave.

3 – Sentosa Island

You can start the game on the island, as there are possibilities to get interesting loots for your game, but remember that you can only get out of there by swimming or crossing the bridge.

In the east of the island of Sentosa you can find a lighthouse. On the roof of this location, your character can succeed by finding loot. This is a good place to help you become a Free Fire master.

4 – The Bimasaki Village

This is an area that can become dangerous and prone to several battles. If the final round is in that village, get ready, because there will be a lot of blood.

However, the village is also a good place to pick up vehicles from garages and to get good weapons. The player who aims to succeed in a Free Fire match can guarantee good things in that area.

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5 – The Village of Rim Nam

Another village that Free Fire players are worth visiting is Rim Nam Village. Located in the south of the map.

There are great possibilities to make a good loot there.

To leave the village you will have to use the wooden docks. It is possible to leave the island by swimming, but you will be more exposed and this escape will be slower.

Visit the island’s mansion, as it is there that you can find loot.

6 – The Airport

One of the locations with the best loots in Free Fire is the airport. This location is divided into two areas.

One of the areas that are part of the airport is the Clock Tower. If you want to jump there if the plane allows your character to have a good view of that location and you can get a lot of loot.

It is a military region with a lot of diversified loot and of great quality. You can find powerful and extra weapons.

You can also use cars through the roads that are close to the factory.

Other locations

There are other places in Free Fire where you can get the best loots to become a great master in the game. Explore all areas and find the best strategies to become a champion. Was there anything missing from that list? Share with your friends and leave in the comments indicating a loot location.

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