Top 6 Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2018 for Digital Marketers

Top tips for new bloggers to help them succeed in 2019′s Digital Marketing era.

It is the usual trend of every blogger to think that their tension would end as soon as their first post is published. But this is actually not in reality. Just publishing a post won’t do the final thing for your blog. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Whenever you start a new blog, you need to think about a lot of things like creating the unique content as possible, then making it as user-friendly for your readers as possible, interacting with your visitors and giving those replies as possible. Just writing and publishing a post covers a portion of the blog. You need to think a lot and have to be creative beyond the conventional blogging methods. So, if you are a new blogger and would like to get success in digital marketing in 2019 then below mention blogging tips for beginners will help you a lot.

6 Important Blogging Tips for Beginners

Well is this sounding Weird?? Huh?? Oh, yes I am just sounding right to you. Creating unique content is not the ultimate action for your blog. So, let us just take a look at the few things that you need to concentrate while starting a blog. Being a professional blogger, making these changes would surely bring out some changes to your blog.


#1. Choosing the Right Platform for Your Blog

Yes, make sure that you choose the right platform for your blog. So, even if you are planning to start a professional blog, it is always better to have your own website and not use those free blogging platforms such as Tumblr or Blogger. Since it could easily hamper your authority and presence especially if you are money making niche.

Hence, it is always recommended to use a self-hosted WordPress setup. It usually takes 5 minutes for manual setup and the biggest news is that with web-hosting platforms like Blue host or Hostinger, you can actually set the whole setup just in 2 minutes.

Setting up your own WordPress would surely help you a lot. This is incredibly a powerful blogging platform, is search engine friendly, is secured and is trusted by many big brands. So, that is also very helpful at the same time.

But if your sole purpose is to have fun with blogging then services like blogger, tumblr and is perfect platform for you. Since you don’t need to pay for hosting, for domain and you can even generate side income almost without any investment.


#2. Choosing Perfect Domain Name:

Selecting a domain name is the most important task and it truly impact your business or authority. If you want to create a niche specific business, then it would be great if you use exact matched domain names. It would be even better if you could buy an old domain name with good social presence, high authority, high pagerank and lots of subscribers. It would cost you but then if your selected niche is really profitable then you would be able to sum up the amount within few months and then the profit generated is all yours.


#3. Produce Some Valuable Comments For Your Blog:

Starting off a new blog, it is the general query of many bloggers that they are not getting any comments on their blog posts. However, this point is usually ignored, but its really important specially in 2013 when Google focus more on user experience than on SEO.

So in order to bring more readers and comments you will have to increase blog traffic.

Follow the steps provided below;

  • Participate in forums.
  • Comment on different blogs and websites.
  • Contact fellow bloggers with email.
  • Share your content on social bookmarking and social networking sites.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook timeline, Google plus to create engaged community around your blog.
  • Fine tune your write skills.
  • Respond to each and every comment.


#4. Engaged With Your Fellow Commentators:


Interaction and Engagement are definitely the vital weapons of any viral blog. Being a blogger, you need to be engaging and interactive with your visitors by replying to their comments. In this way, your visitors will also get interest to stick to your blog for a longer time and read some of your interesting articles. So, it is always recommendable not to overlook but to give replies to their comments.


#5. Create Unique and Evergreen Articles

By evergreen articles I mean the articles which are long, really long ( more than 1500 words, according to me ) and for which you really focused hard, researched well and have build lots of high quality natural backlinks.

If you really want to increase organic traffic of your website and if you really want to see improvements in your overall earning then start focusing on creating long, indepth contents rather than 500 words posts. Since its your content which attract visitors, which help them to understand the topic and guide them while buying new product. So make sure to be always descriptive and helpful, since its the only thing which make your blog unique from others.

Tips for beginning bloggers on writing evergreen articles;

  • Create a list of topics which interests you the most.
  • Generate the list of quality, high traffic and low in competition keywords.
  • Use ubsersuggest to find the most perfect headline for your post.
  • Make sure to be creative or emotion or to provide proof in your first para graph.
  • Divide you content is sections and sub sections.
  • Add attractive images, banners, videos and if possible infographics.
  • End with thanking your readers.


#6. Promote Your Identity & also Your Blog

Well I think here I am going to provide most essential tips for new bloggers. Creating a new blog and creating content is simply useless if you don’t know how to promote it. Today there are more than billions of websites. Tens of thousands of websites are created every day and so you can say it’s a tough market where in starting you have less space to promote your new shop.

Tips for blog promotion:

  • Be consistent in writing articles and building backlinks for every individual post by comments.
  • Use guest posting to get high authority backlinks to your posts and to your domain.
  • How to find blogs for commenting and guest posting.
    • I think it’s really simple, use Google search for any particular phrase related to your topic.
    • For guest posting use exact match search : [“guest post” blogging tips]
    • Use SEO Quake Firefox addon to check its pagerank and social shares. ( Submit post only on websites with Pagerank 2 or more )
    • Use open site explorer to check its domain and page authority. ( Guest post only one websites with domain authority more than 30 )
  • Use forums, directories, web 2.0 websites.
  • Write articles on Hubpages, Squidoo, Bloggers, Tumblr.
  • Use social media and most importantly, Facebook timeline, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn groups.
  • Try your level hard to increase your domain authority.

Thus, if you are ever planning to start a new blog, then there is nothing to worry. Checking out these blogging tips for beginners and they would surely help all newbie bloggers to run their blog in a much smoother way. Just remember, creating unique content for your blog is not your ultimate goal. You need to think and perform these highlighted critical tasks as soon as you setup your new blog. So these were my 7 personal tips for new bloggers, I wish they would be helpful to you all. A well-structured digital marketing course in delhi will enable you to become successful blogger.

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