Top 5 Free Fire players in the world

Top 5 Free Fire players in the world

Free fire is among the most popular game worldwide. This game has also managed to have great fans in India too. Free fire players would not have that much fame as that of PUBG players but still, the player skills and the strategy to play has made it quite popular around. The players are quite talented no doubt in that. There is of course quite a competition in selecting the best player as every player has their individual making them different and unique from one another. The game of Free Fire is competitive published by Garena.

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In the game, about 50 players are dropped down into the battlefield in an unknown island where each player has to find weapons to fight to be at the game till the last. This game is a fight among all those 50-individual saving their health all around. At the last, only one player is left out and declared as the winner. The game is not less than a competition where only one would win while the other 49 doesn’t matter. This is kind of Challenge making the game more interesting and fun to play. The excitement to win make the players put their maximum efforts and skills.

There are many players who what to know the best player around them. This is of course due to the sense of competition in them. As not every player can achieve the article of being the best. Here in this article, we will see top 5 Free Fire player of the world in which their skills and details will be mentioned so if you are Free Fire player, I hope this is something of your interest. 

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List of Top 5 Garena Free Fire Players in the World

#1. TSG Jash: ID 123643969

The world number one player in Free Fire is known as TSG Jash. He is from TSG squad. He belongs to the top 1% Free fire player who has been reached to the level to earn heroic tier rank in most of the ranked matches been conducted in every season. The comparison to him is almost worthless as he is among the best. Yet he is been compare to his friend squad known as TSG Ritik who is also a great player of many times. TSG Jash is good in every mode of Free fire whether it be solo, duo, squad or even the clash squad. There are quite several players who try to copy their patterns while playing. He is also famous among a lot of people around for his excellent skills and of Couse cool play. He has scored high numbers of kills as well as a high win rate in most of the matches he played. It’s the potential of TSG Jash that TSG squad has won the best team in India. Apart from this TSG squad has been invited in the Free Fire Asia Invitation last year. 

#2. Nayeem Alan: ID 206923045

The second-best player in our list is Nayeem Alan. He is considered as one of the most experiences as well as a highly-skilled player in Free Fire. He has played the greatest number of matches as compared to any other Free Fire player till date. He is quite famous for his Squad mode of playing and is good in that. Around every season the number reaches to 1000 squad matches he plays. In term of solo and duo, the number of matches is quite less in number. There are around 13000 squad matches he has played till date as total from that he has won around 3000 matches and the kill count will be around 53 thousand plus.

The win rate of this player is around 23.6%. Apart from this, the count of his duo matches is around 1768 I which he won about 408. The solo matches are about 1138.

#3. Raistar: ID 12022250

The third player in this list is known as Raistar. He is also a good and promising face of Free Fire. The community of Free Fire in India has a lot of respect for this guy. He is quite famous for his speed in the game. The incredible speed he carries made him win a lot of matches from the past few years and is still counting. He is too good at his skill that at some point people claimed that he cheating using some kind of software but the people were wrong as he proved by playing in front of them. He is also having youtube channel in which he has about 2 million subscribers. His unique speed makes his opponent quite confuse to target him. The precise gameplay is something fun to watch. He is also known as the silent killer in the Free Fire game. His headshot ratio would be around 63%.

#4. Sudip Sarkar: ID 97653930

The fourth name in our list would be quite familiar to many people reading. He is known as Sudip Sarkar. In season 12 he was among the top 22 players around the globe. He also has a YouTube channel known as Gyan Gaming. The number of subscribers is about 5 million and still counting. The player is known for his good skill in combats and worth mentioning the decent speed. The close-range fights are what he is famous for thanks to the speed he carries. The mindset he uses in his games has gathers a lot of fans. He has played around 27536 squad matches till now.

#5. Rakesh0007: ID 97653920

The fifth player in our list is known as Rakesh0007. He is one of the members of the Boss guild. There are around 19116 squad matches he has played till date and still counting. Among the games played he won round 5500 matches in total. The total number of kills in his ID is about 85883. The weakest mode that he doesn’t play often is a duo. He is also having a YouTube channel with around 600 thousand subscribers. He is quite a famous player due to his decent playing skills.


There is so much to know in a game and the exploring this is the most important thing any player can gain. I hope the article gave you some information. Happy gaming.


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