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There are so many apps are available in android to enhance our health and fitness, these apps are very comfort on usage. These are designed on our basic needs of a person or an individual to reach maximum benefit in health and fitness world.

Here we are going to know about some top fitness apps which plays a major role in health and fitness apps on our android based gadgets.


This is the best and simple app give very useful guideline to maintain our food and beverages .it prove the instruction based on persons need and level of consumption of particular food item.

The other best thing about this app is it will instruct the person food intake on particular day, we can add up the food items and type of beverages in a particular date,on the day basis we can assey the level of food consumption. This app help us to look after on weight and how much calories we are taking and how much we are utilizing on every day. And the food can be divide on calorie based this will help us to limited consumption of high calorie food items.this calorie meter or counter can provide the information about the food items which are available around the world.


This is the only app which give ample of instructions to work out on our large and fat belly, now a days the commonest avoidable issue is fat and obeys belly, the obesity starts from our stomach AB. This is the best app fro who are trying to reduce their weight with the help of burning fat around the belly.

This app teach us how to workout at home and fitness areas with the help of video, these videos are developed by famous in structures around the globe with the help of this app we can easily tech and share the information regarding AB exercises and help to gain a good shape of our personality. If follow these instruction how to work out with our AB at home it help us to reach a good fitness body without any consultation fee to the fitness instructor.


This is the best app for who are interested in running and other sport activity, This is the smart app which is suites for who burn their calories with the help of running, walking, cycling, skipping and other outdoor activities. This app has a inbuilt program which is specially designed for who are regularly go for walking, running and other outdoor activities.

This app have special facility to run on distance based running with the help of GPRS, This app provides information about your running efficiency, and how many calories u have burn till this time and how much calories you need to spend, with the help of your distance traveled. This app have the facility to adjust the distance need to be run and walk,with the help of flexible operation.


This app is one of the best informative program and helps in providing much more information and gives instructions who wants to practice and follow the gym or exercises with the help of beautiful diagrams nearly 90 to 100 diagrams related to complicated and easy workout exercises, and fitness’s stunts.

Apart from these diagrams this app can also provides the description of a particular exercise and this can help us to connect to the instructor with the help of GPRS. This is capable of provide useful information to who wants to work out alone at home or fitness center and this help us to teach how to work out with the certain instruments like dumbbells bench press and so many this app is very useful who are seeking self training at home or fitness center.


This is also a smart and intelligent app which makes you to aware about your working status, with the help of this you can assay yourself how much your are able to work on a particular task like walking, running and cycling this will help u to work with the gadget, for example you can listen a favorite music, you can see your routes on screen by gprs, and progress of your workout, and you can share with your friends with the help of face book.

Smart with so many features, this can be available free for basic version for few testing days after this can be purchased for long time.

Above all apps except cardio trainer are available for free app download, but some of full version may be charged for few apps these are the best apps which are designed for fitness programs.

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