Top 5 Creative mode maps fortnite codes

Top 5 Creative mode maps fortnite codes

With map codes for the creative mode in  Fortnite you  can find  different maps in which you can explore brilliant worlds that were created by players. We’ll show you some maps that you should definitely try.

What kind of maps are these?  Fortnite offers players the opportunity to design their own worlds in creative mode. This can be mini-games, parkours, and hide-and-seek games, training maps or even crazy worlds. You have the option to enter the code of a map in Fortnite and then let off steam on the map.

Map NameMap CodeDescription
Purple Garden3449-3963-3944A map with multiple levels and a captivating story where you aim to escape a trapped universe. Includes train rides and elevators.
City of the Future6476-8829-2419Explore a futuristic city where flying is possible. Features a complete city layout with mini-games and various locations like a shopping center, police station, and bank.
Family Frights3614-7510-6821A map suitable for horror enthusiasts. Your level of fear depends on your mistakes as you navigate through a haunted house with an angry spider.
Winnie the Pooh5258-7205-6328Immerse yourself in the world of Winnie the Pooh with a creative map resembling a Disneyland attraction. Follow a story of the little bear through giant books.
Aquarium7909-4169-8889Experience what an aquarium in Fortnite would look like with stunning detail. Play a mini-game collecting fishstick eggs or simply enjoy the scenery.

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Creative mode maps in Fortnite – where to enter map code?

With the twelve-digit codes you can participate in a wide variety of maps. First find out how it works.

How to enter a code for creative mode in Fortnite?

  • Go to creative mode
  • Run to an island
  • Hold down your button to interact, now you can enter the code

Ingenious map creations – map codes

We have selected a few maps for you in which you will find breathtaking creations and also quite complex creations. The selection is based on player feedback and author preferences.

#1. Purple Garden – Map code 3449-3963-3944

This Creative Modes map was made by Team Forge and it’s just amazing. You will be guided through a story that will help you escape from the universe in which you are trapped. The goal is to find the “purple garden”.

This “map” consists of so many levels and surprises that one is simply amazed at how something like this is possible. You will even experience a train ride and ride in an elevator – in Fortnite! The story consists of 2 parts, but don’t worry, you will be transferred directly and you don’t even have to go back to the center.

#2. City of the future – Map code 6476-8829-2419

This map made by MakaMakes looks just stunning. It represents a city in the future and everyone can fly in it. You will not only be directed a game here, but you are free to start your own mini-games such as car racing.

The map is suitable for role-playing games because it is a complete city with a shopping center, police station and bank. If you prefer to play hide and seek, this creation is also suitable, but there are many hiding places here – so make sure you don’t get lost!

#3. Family Frights – Map Code 3614-7510-6821

This map is suitable for fans of horror and thrills. With Family Frights, it is up to you how much you get scared. If you go through the “course” without mistakes, you will not be frightened by the angry spider. The more mistakes you make, the worse the spider becomes.

The brother of Donald Mustard, the creative director of Epic Games, was involved in this creation. In his video you can see how he walks through the haunted house – so don’t look in if you don’t want to be spoiled!

#4. Winnie the Pooh – Map code 5258-7205-6328

This creation by roystoryq lets you immerse yourself in the world of Winnie the Pooh as if you were in Disneyland on one of the attractions. You will be shown a story of the little bear and that even with huge books.

The track, which consists of balls and with which you can cycle through history, provides action. The whole map is creatively designed and you have the feeling that you are really in the amusement park.

#5. Aquarium – Map code 7909-4169-8889

Have you ever wondered what an aquarium would look like in Fortnite? The creator Takkun answers this question with this incredible map. You will feel as if you have suddenly been beamed into a real aquarium.

The map is so detailed and there is so much to marvel at. There is a mini-game where you have to collect different fishstick eggs in case you want to have a task during the visit.

Important: Since this map is so detailed, there may be long delays when you start the game. Should this occur, you can just go back to the menu and admire the map without playing the mini-game.

Fortnite’s creative mode has a lot to offer, be it you want to design your own map or simply want to immerse yourself in one of these ingenious creations by other players.


What are Fortnite map codes for creative mode?

Fortnite map codes for creative mode are twelve-digit codes that allow players to access and explore user-created maps within the game.

How can I enter a map code in Fortnite’s creative mode?

To enter a map code in Fortnite’s creative mode, follow these steps:
Go to creative mode.
Visit an island.
Hold down the button to interact, and then enter the code.

What types of maps can I find in Fortnite’s creative mode?

In Fortnite’s creative mode, you can discover a variety of maps, including mini-games, parkour challenges, hide-and-seek games, training maps, and imaginative worlds created by players.

Are there any recommended Fortnite creative mode maps to try?

Yes, there are several recommended maps you should try, such as “Purple Garden,” “City of the Future,” “Family Frights,” “Winnie the Pooh,” and “Aquarium.” Each offers a unique and engaging experience.

What is the “Purple Garden” map in Fortnite creative mode?

“Purple Garden” is a captivating map created by Team Forge, featuring a storyline that challenges players to escape a trapped universe and find the “purple garden.” It includes multiple levels, surprises, train rides, and more.

Can I play a horror-themed map in Fortnite creative mode?

Yes, you can play a horror-themed map called “Family Frights” in Fortnite creative mode. Your level of fear in this map depends on the number of mistakes you make while navigating a haunted house with an angry spider.

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