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Learn in this article the list of free WordPress Hosting Providers and why they provide you free hosting? Do you need free hosting? Why I don’t recommend free web hosting for your blog or website?

Let’s find out.

Why a company would provide you free hosting to earn online? Why you don’t need Free WordPress Hosting Providers?

Answer it?

Okay, okay, I would.

Because it wants to hack your blog whenever it would get popular, they have the full right to disable your blog without even asking.


Because you didn’t paid even a penny.

And this is why you don’t need any free WordPress hosting providers if you want to really start a blog.

But the thing is you can use these providers if you want to experiment something, they are the best to find some new tactics to rank better, earn better or do any other good thing for your blog.

Or you can use them if you are just starting i.e., for experience which is invaluable. When you will get enough experience then you will be able to really start a blog.

And that’s why I am writing this post. So, here comes the meat.

Top 3 Free WordPress Hosting Providers

All the free WordPress hosting providers here have no ads that mean you would have an ad free blog/website with any of them.


It is the best for everyone; the thing is they say that they are even better than paid hosting providers. And I have used it too (for a test, not gonna tell now).

Here are the features of this web hosting:

  • 100 GB Bandwidth/Month
  • 1500 MB Web Space
  • 5 Add on Domains
  • 5 Sub Domains
  • PHP, MySQL, 1 FTP Account
  • 5 E-mail Accounts
  • Custom Error Page
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee


Zymic is yet another free WordPress hosting provider, it is second because it features are not as good as 000webhost.

The features include:

  • 50 GB Bandwidth/Month
  • 6000 MB Space
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • MySQL, FTP
  • Sub Domains


Byethost should be your last choice as its features are worse than the above two but don’t get disappointed it is a good alternative to 000webhost or Zymic.

Byethost Features Includes:

  • 50 GB Bandwidth/Month
  • 1000 MB Web Space
  • 5 Addon and Parked Domains
  • 5 Sub Domains
  • Custom Error Page

Heya! Those 3 are enough to experiment. Right?

But the thing is it could be better; do you have any other which is better?

The one which could thrash its competition and become the number one in this free WordPress Hosting Providers list.


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