Top 10 PUBG Players of India

Top 10 PUBG Players of India

The game of PUBG is becoming more and more popular over time. Some legendary players have achieved great appreciation for their unique style in the game. As the user base is quite large in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 PUBG players of India. These players are popular in the PUBG community of the world and have a quite large fan base. There is no comparison among them as each player has his unique playing style. They are awesome in the game but are listed on the sites based on the rank they hold and the awards they have acquired so far.

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As we already know that the game of PUBG requires excellent skill to be mastered and as we proceed further in the game the level of competitions automatically rises. One must have the ability to think fast and then bring the already contained knowledge inside into actions then only can master the game somehow. Every player has a different mindset while playing the game the only one who is calm and minding each step with perfection is, at last, declared as the winner. The PUBG mobile scenario in the Indian eSport is at the whole next level only and that is the platform where these players listed below showcased some exceptions skills making them different from all the normal or I can say general players of PUBG. Let us start the list:

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List of Top 10 PUBG Players of India

#1. SoulMortal – Naman Mathur:

The first player that we are going to talk about is soulMortal which is none other than Naman Mathur. I hope all the PUBG watchers are already aware of his name. He was born on 22 May 1996. The player is the formal captain of the soul clan and is highly appreciated for being a good rush game player. The player also has a unique style with a good strategy that helps him to control his reflexes all the time. He is a very humble player who motivates the young PUBG player at the YouTube platform making him the number 1 PUBG player of India. Apart from this he has won various tournaments and has participated in many known international PUBG tournaments too. He has a YouTube channel named Mortal.

#2. 8bit_Thug – Animesh Agarwal:

The next player that we are going to talk about hold the second position in the list named Animesh Aggarwal. He is one of the most popular and respected PUBG players who has a whole new level of the fan base. He is the present leader of the 8bit clan and the captain that is responsible to form the full strategy of the matches. He has entered the gaming world in the year 2008 and since then does not go back to his position. Apart from this, he is a streamer too. He has also won various tournaments and made a huge name internationally too. 

#3. SoulViper – Yash Paresh Soni:

 The third player on our list is known as Yash Paresh Soni. He is one of the most lovable players of the soul clan. This player is very famous for his snipping technique and is also very good in rush gameplay altogether. The player plays with two-finger controls. Apart from this, his reflexes are very fast.

#4. SoulReagaltos – Parv Singh:

This player is also one of the members of the soul clan who is is known for his humble nature and excellent strategies too. He can be surely considered as one of the best players of soul clan when it comes to rush gameplay. He is known for playing with four fingers controls. Apart from this player has also played for PUBG mobile CLUB open tournament.

#5. Es_Maxtern:

The next players that we are going to talk about one of the most lovable players of the ES clan known as Es_Maxtern. He is the best player known for the quite awesome strategies and his rush gameplay too. He plays with the four-finger control.

#6. Entity Jonathan – JONATHAN JUDE AMARAL:

The sixth player in this list is popularly known as Jonathan Jude Amaral. He is one of the most unique PUBG players in India. The player is quite famous for his rush gameplay and has recently played the PMCO 2019 which is famous among all.

#7. 8bitRaV3n – Paridhi Khullar:

The next player on the list is known as Paridhi Khullar who is one of the best PUBG female players in India. She is known for her unique style. She is also rumoured to be the girlfriend of soulMortal. She has excellent strategy making skills which have made her famous in a very short duration of time.

#8. InsJokerFTW – Gourav Joshi:

The next player on the list is considered to be one of the best PUBG players in India. He is a recognized player and has a huge fan level. He uses a four-finger claw and has an excellent style of playing as well.

#9. InsCartoonZftw – Aradhya Gupta:

The ninth player on the list is none other than Aradhya Gupta. He is a member of the INS clan who has also participated in the PMCO tournament held in 2019. He mostly uses the four-finger control to play the game. He has excellent skills altogether that is the reason fans are crazy about him.

#10. Meow16K – Saloni Pawar:

The last player on this list is Saloni Pawar. She is an awesome PUBG player of India. She was born in 1999 in Maharashtra and started playing the game in 2017 and within a short duration of time made her name.


All the players listed above are known for their unique style. I hope the above-written information was useful.


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