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Players will soon be able to accompany the legendary heroes Tintin on an exciting adventure and solve tricky puzzles in the process. After the successful release of the beta version on Google Play, 5th Planet Games and Moulinsart are proud to announce the release of Tintin – Puzzlespaß, a fun 3-in-a-row game for mobile devices, which will be released worldwide on August 31 for Android and iOS .

Tintin – Puzzle Fun is a match 3 game set in the world of Tintin. Players have to solve colorful puzzles to advance in the exciting story. While players accompany the famous reporter on his adventures, they have to face tricky challenges and discover iconic places and characters from the “Tintin” universe.

The crab with the golden claws is the first adventure in the game: The day begins like any other for Tintin, but a new adventure is not long in coming! Struppi’s snout is stuck in a can of shrimp, Schulze and Schultze investigate counterfeit money and a stranger is kidnapped before he can hand Tim a letter. Could all of these things be part of an even bigger puzzle?

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To help Tim solve this confusing puzzle, players must solve a series of lovingly crafted Match 3 puzzles. Each one is sure to challenge the inner puzzle master of each player. Obstacles in the way? A token out of reach? Are you running out of trains? It is important to find sophisticated strategies and to achieve 3 stars on the first try.

The game was developed by the 5th Planet Games studio in Berlin together with Moulinsart. 5th Planet Games is headed by the proven puzzle game expert Moritz Voss, who was previously the technology lead at the Swedish company King. Now part of Activision, the company is responsible for some of the most successful puzzle games ever published, including Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. The studios of Moulinsart have actively contributed to the design of the user interface, the “sprites” and the characters in the game.

Henrik Nielsen, CEO of 5th Planet Games, looks forward to the release of the breathtaking new Tintin game and points out Moritz Voss’ leadership qualities as a driving factor in the development of the game. “Moritz Voss has already distinguished himself several times in the match-3 genre and we are confident that this will be the best game that we have ever launched.”

Nick Rodwell, Managing Director of Moulinsart, the company behind Tintin, agrees, “We are excited about the opportunity to bring Tintin to the mobile devices of players around the world. Slip into the role of the approachable detective Tintin and have puzzles and riddles solved with entertaining and familiar game mechanics is a great way to expand Tintin’s world even further. We are very confident that the game will be a huge hit with both Tintin fans and puzzle game fans around the world. “

The rapidly increasing popularity of games for smartphones has transformed the industry. In the US, Match 3 games like Tintin – Puzzle Fun are the most popular sub-genre in the iPhone gaming market, accounting for 21% of total revenue, according to GameRefinery, a company that analyzes games for mobile devices.

Tim und Struppi – Puzzlespaß is suitable for players ages 9 and up. The game is free to play and will be available from August 31st on Google Play and the Apple App Store. A release for the Chinese Android stores is also planned.

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