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The PUBG mobile game is one of the most played game worldwide. There are so many things that this game is always been famous for. Apart from this PUBG mobile provides a large number of versions that is mainly specific to a local area or you can easily say as a region. Let me let you know some of these well there is UBG Vietnam, PUBG TW, PUBG KR, PUBG JP and much more than all these.

What is Tap Tap PUBG Mobile?

In this article, we are going to briefly talk about the PUBG tap tap version also known as the KR version. This version is quite famous and in a full form known as the Korean version. The version can easily be downloaded from the play store app. However only people who are in the Korean region can enjoy this version to its full. Thus, in this version, all other region players can play as a guest or log in using their accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Many of you must be thinking that what is so special about this version. Well, the PUBG KR version is something in which the player will get an exclusive opportunity to directly take part in the battle royal game.

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In this, there are about 100 players who compete against each other in a closed setup and fight till the end when only one among them can survive. That particular person is declared as the winner. So, if you are Someone who wants to achieve great success in your mission then all you have to do is to move across the inbuilt game setting available and in there collect all the best tools that can be useful in your coming battle. The player must possess a calm mindset to achieve success in a game like PUBG. Apart from this one more important thing that one should remember is to remain inside the play zone that mainly skins over time. The PUBG mobile KR players mainly achieve all the available elements from the actual PUBG desktop version. The control system is also totally identical and so the player in here get an excellent opportunity to interact with all the gaming elements as well as objects.

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The things that are allowed to the players is that they can easily enter the building, mount various telescopic sights, hop into various available vehicle anytime you have the opportunity, climbs on the walls as well as using the first aid kits available. The gamers can visit the setting anytime they want and then in their use the menu available to adjust various graphical settings according to one’s choice and ability of the device they use. It is even possible that one can easily customize all the other available settings just by sitting behind the vehicle’s wheel or rather moving it on your foot.

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The PUBG KR version can be enjoyed both solos as well as in group modes. The most preferred choice of the players is group mode as in there one can successfully communicate with the other group players that makes the game more interesting than usual.

Features of Tap Tap PUBG Mobile

Now let us see some of the most popular features of this PUBG KR version:

  1. The KR version of the PUBG game has all sorts of Korean features available there
  2. The KR version is more popular due to its similarity to the global version of PUBG. That is the reason is so much liked by most of the players.
  3. One can enjoy various rewards offered in this version and also can participate in other events been organized globally.
  4. Apart from this, the KR version is also having PUBG mobile feature donkatsu medai which is a special currency mainly used in the game for opening od crates.

How to download the KR version of the PUBG game on android phone:

As we already know that the KR version of this game cannot be directly downloaded by the players who are not present in the Korean region.

How to Download Tap Tap PUBG Mobile

So, the other alternative that can be used is by downloading the app through a third-party website as the gamers have to download the OBB data as well as the APK version of the PUBG Korean version from the official site as well.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to proceed to the official site of the OOB data as well as APK pure
  2. In there you will find a home page where you just have to type the PUBG KR version and soon it will be displayed in front of you.
  3. Soon after this, the screen will show a download button by clicking which the download will automatically start in seconds.
  4. The system should also give relevant permissions to successfully install the game on the device.
  5. Once the download is completed you are good to enjoy the KR version of the PUBG game

The KR version of the PUBG game is a very intelligent option available. Kindly do try. I hope the article was useful to all my readers.


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