Surfboard, Guitar Basher, Phantom Bear in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular played games played by millions of players around the globe. This game is currently among the list of those games which are ruling the mobile gaming world with their advance and excellent features. While if we are talking about Free Fire then this game mainly after the exit of PUBG Mobile from India. But as now the PUBG game is making its comeback in the country to that response the game of Free Fire is trying its best to make the players stay. One can say that just like many other popular games even the Garena Free Fire also comes with various exclusive in-game items. But in here the users are mainly asked to shell out most of the money to unlock various exclusive items. Currently, the Free Fire game is offering various free redeem codes that are mainly provided to the players as an option to procure exclusive in-game rewards and that too for free.

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Till now most of you must already get that the topic of today’s article is how can a player get a surfboard, guitar basher and phantom bear in the Garena Free Fire game. Also, with these new redeem codes the players will receive various exclusive rewards like the leap of faith surfboard, guitar basher as well as the water fest. The redeem code that can be used for this month is ESX24ADSGM4K and this code is mainly specific to the Indian servers. In case you are a player who is mostly engaged by playing from outside the country if you are using this very code then it is likely to have this error message pop-up stating “Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in your server”. There are even various other advantages that are provided such as the player gets free diamonds, Chrono Box with the help of these redeem codes. Now these free redeem codes by Garena is mostly launched on special occasions or when a specific milestone is been achieved. For example, earlier this month Free Fire Bangladesh released a special music video on the occasion of Eid and with that, a total of three milestones were set up. Within a few days, all these three milestones were achieved and with that a new redeem code was released for the Leap of Faith Surfboard, Water Fest and Guitar Basher.

Now let’s move to the steps through which the players can obtain these rewards.

Free Fire Free Redeem for achieving Surfboard, Guitar Baser and Phantom in the Free Fire game:

The redeem code that can be used here for the Indian server is ESX24ADSGM4K. One more thing that users must take note of is they would be able to collect most of these rewards until a specific date till when the redeem is valid after that the redeem code will mostly expire. Also, this free redeem code is only specific to the Indian server thus cannot be utilized if one uses the sever belonging to other countries. To collect the rewards, the steps written below should be followed without missing any in between.

Step 1: The first thing to do here is to visit the Free Fire rewards redemption website and this is mainly because it is the only place available through which the players can avail all the exclusive rewards that can be utilized during the play.

Step 2: After that the player must sign in with his or her Free Fire ID on the particular website through the very platform that is been linked with their main account.

The guest account holder can however link their account to any of the following:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. VK
  4. Twitter
  5. Apple ID
  6. Huawei ID

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Step 3: Now after this finally users should paste the free redeem code in the text box available and therefore click on the confirm button to complete the whole process of redemption. After this successful; completion the player mainly achieved their respective rewards within 24 hours of claiming through the available mail section. Now to equip the avatar and the surfboard player initial requirement is to head up to the collection section. In the meantime, Guitar Basher can be easily equipped from the Weapon>Armory. And as you are already aware that if the free redeem code expires then it will show the error message has been tried to be used.

The message will simply display the test stating “Failed to Redeem. This code is invalid or redeemed”. Here I am even attaching the link to the video which will surely clear some of the doubts which are encountered while proceeding with the overall redemption procedure as a whole.


I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers.

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