How to Stop iPhone from Ringing Twice for Text Messages

How to Stop iPhone from Ringing Twice for Text Messages

A common complaint when receiving a text message on your iPhone is that your phone rings twice. The person receives the message and notifies you through a call but the two-tone sound of your phone alerts people around you that you are receiving a call. This can be very annoying and also wastes valuable time. When they pause after ringing, it gives them time to hang up if they don’t want to talk to them. If this happens too often then you might have a problem with someone else who is constantly sending texts or calls to your device by accident, which could hurt their feelings or even cause an inconvenience in their life.

If you have a smartphone that is made by Apple, then you are probably experiencing this problem. One way to fix it is to change your ringer settings for texts, but not for calls. You can do this by going into your settings and tapping on the ringer and sounds. Then select Phone Ringtone and Text Tone. The ringtone for texts should be set to silent. This will avoid your phone from making any sound when receiving a text message and will stop the ring from double-ringing or even triple-ringing from occurring when you get multiple text messages one after another.

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How to Stop iPhone from Ringing Twice for Text Messages?

You can easily manage your iPhone’s ringer volume using the Volume Control feature.

  • To start, press and hold the Home (or Apple) button on your iPhone.
  • When you see the little slider appear in the top right, slide it left or right to change to the volume you want.
  • When you hold it, a grey bar will move along the slider so you can see where it’s at.
  • If you want to change the volume for calls only, select Settings > Phone > Ringtone and Text Tone.
  • Make sure that your ringer isn’t set to silent and then choose Call Ringer Volume.
  • You will see a slider that says Ring Volume.
  • Slide it up or down to make the range of levels available, from muted, low, medium and high.

By default, the ring tone for text messages is set to silent. To change this, go into the same settings as above and tap on Phone Call Ringer Volume and select Change Tone. You can also change the ringtone and alert tone for text messages. To do so, go into the same settings as above and tap on Text Tone.  There you will a lot of ringtones, from which you choose one.

The alert tone is what your phone will play when you get a notification to tell you that you have a new email, text message, Facebook message or other alerts.

To change it go into Settings > Notifications> Tap on Bulletin Alert and select the one you’d like to use.

This process is similar for all other types of alerts that you may receive on your iPhone including Calendar Alerts and Reminders alerts.

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Why is iPhone Ringing Twice for Text Messages?

As you can see, there are two ways to stop the iPhone from ringing twice for text messages. One is through the Settings app and the other is in your phone’s ringtone settings.

The first method will make sure your ringer stays silent for all types of alerts that you receive on your iPhone like calls and text messages. This way, you won’t have to worry about hitting the home button or putting the phone up to your face to silence the ringer, it will already be silent. This is great if you don’t want people knowing that you’re getting a call or text because it will just go straight to voicemail instead of ringing twice and wasting everyone’s time.

The second method will let you keep your phone’s ringer the way you have it now so that all alerts will still ring. The only difference is that you won’t hear the text message ringtone when you get a text message. This means that when you’re out in public or around other people and receive a message, no one else will know that you’ve gotten a text unless they see your phone on the screen or hear the vibration.

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Guide to Stop iPhone from Ringing Twice for Text Messages?

If your iPhone is ringing with two tones for texts and calls, it can be because of an app. The most common app for this issue is WhatsApp Messenger, but it could be any other messaging app as well. To fix this issue, you will need to go into your WhatsApp’s settings and turn off the “Send audio notifications.”

If that doesn’t fix it, try turning on Airplane Mode (Settings > General > Airplane Mode) and exit it. When you turn it on, text messages will no longer be ringing twice, but calls will ring normally again if they’re allowed to. If you read the article above, then using Airplane Mode should be easy for you.


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