SnapChat For Laptop, PC( Windows Vista 7 XP 8) Free Download

SnapChat a well known picture and ‘sharing your moment’ Android application has reached out to million users who are hugely satisfied by it. The best part of this app is that it saves memory. You can take snaps, share it with your friends and as soon as you so the app history is not retained after 24 hours making space for new snaps. But what about those users who do not enjoy the benefits of an Android Smartphone? Well nothing to worry about as this website wishes to share the idea of downloading SnapChat for PC which will function similarly like other Android Apps for PC.

SnapChat For PC ( Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ Vista) or Laptop : How To Download

Given below are several methods as to how users can download SnapChat for PC.

Method 1:

  • Google Search Bluestacks App Player and download the Bluestacks Setup on your pc.
  • A file containing Bluestacks App Player will be downloaded.
  • Download the BlueStacks app player and run it.
  • The Bluestacks window is just like a window of smartphone. You can visit the Play Store of the app and search SnapChat. The app will open.
  • Click on Install and the app will be installed within the Bluestacks window. Click on the the app and SnapChat will start running on your PC.
  • NOTE : For running SnapChat using this method you require a constant internet connection.

Method 2:

  • The first step is to download Bluestacks App Player and Install it on your PC.
  • Next Google search “SnapChat apk file” and download the apk file for SnapChat on your PC.
  • Open the folder where the SnapChat apk file is saved for the app.
  • Right Click on it and a dropdown menu appears with the “Open with” option.
  • Click on it and select Open with –> Bluestacks (on the Bluestacks option).
  • This installs the app on PC and you can run it.

Getting Started : SnapChat For Laptop or PC ( Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP)

Once you have successfully applied the methods given above and installed the SnapChat App for PC, its ready to run. You have to first start up with launching the application and share snaps with your friends. So go to the folder in My Computer named “Apps”. In case you cannot find the folder perform a quick PC search. Launching the app is easy as you just have to click on the app and it will open in a bigger format compatible with PC. So start downloading and “SnapChat ” all your friends.

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