Sanhok, Erangel & Karakin Maps in Battleground Mobile India

Sanhok, Erangel & Karakin Maps in Battleground Mobile India

There is a whole new level of excitement going on when we talk about the upcoming game Battleground mobile India which to some extent has promised the players to bring the taste of PUBG back in the country. Since the very first day when the game was announced to launch the players are looking forward to every small piece of news related to this. As per the recent surveys published by the search engines, there were millions of searches made on a different topic related to this game in the past few days. According to the most recent post made on social media platform which was mostly a promotion post for the battleground mobile India was showing a clear pic that was so much similar to the famous game PUBG. This post was showing up a location mainly known as the Ban Tai which is a location taken from the PUBG mobile sanhok map.

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This was more like a small introduction given about the game in form of a little video. The whole in here is that it has a vast number of jungles and this forms a group of three islands in total. As per some news scattered around on the internet stating that the game is going to be launch in June 2021. However, there is not an official statement made to date which has made the players be in a fix for some more time till the official resources confirm the news. But one thing that quite clear that there is a huge ton of expectations from this upcoming game of battleground mobile India. Apart from this, there is a whole new theory that the game has made clear in its recent teaser in which a level 3 helmet is shown with a ring of light around it. The image is showing something like a solar eclipse which is more likely blocking moon blocking the sun and forming something which kind look like a diamond ring. In here all the three helmets are kind of playing with an object which results in blocking the source of light.

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As per many people, this image could be a reference made in form of an image to indicate the release date of the game which can be on 10th June 2021 as this day is observed as the annular solar eclipse. But this is not cleared as a hint by any trusted source. Now as we are in this article talking about the maps the game is going to come with as it launches. Well, as from the recent teaser the sanhok map was one of the most common maps used in the game of PUBG. But now it even the part of the battleground mobile India game too. This was the first map to be introduced making the gamers more excited. But one thing that becomes noticeable after the google play store become live that maybe the other maps of PUBG which is the Erangel and karakin can also be part of this upcoming game.

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Now one thing is sure that these maps are quite distinguishable with the involvement of glider which is mainly present on the PUBG mobile erangel map. And in case of the karakin map is easily recognized by the arid landscape as well as the rounded bunker style building that is present on the top of most of the hills in more than one image. Well in such a case the whole graphical look of this game will be the same as the game of PUBG at least in the case of maps. All this news hanging around can only be confirmed after the launch of the battleground mobile India. We have to wait patiently for something that is yet to come. As many of you are already aware of the news that the pre-registration of battleground mobile India is live and in correspondence to that the company Krafton has gone revamp its social media presence as well which is surely exciting. This is more taken as a sign that the game will be launching soon hence the players are waiting for June 10th 2021. Now let’s see some of the features of these maps:

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Sanhok Map:

  1. This is one of the interesting maps
  2. It has a tropical jungle look with southeast Asian as the theme
  3. The map has dynamic weather both sunny and rainy mostly
  4. The map is kind of small which is 4X4 Km Island
  5. The criteria of looting in this map are quite straightforward   

Erangel Map:

  1. This is a good map with a selection of UI
  2. There are route planner markers
  3. Apart from this, there is the option of vehicle control customizations
  4. The map has secret bunkers present in the building
  5. Great map to explore

Karakin Map:

  1. The size of the map is very small 2X2 Km Island
  2. In total 64 players can play on this map
  3. The map has underground bunkers
  4. The walls and floor in here is breakable and penetrable
  5. Great map to play in

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I hope all the information shared above will be useful to all my readers.


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