Best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free fire

Best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free fire

The most popular mobile battle royale title is Garen Free Fire, which offers a wide range of cosmetics and bundles. Here we will take a look at the most popular Free Fire Diamond Royale bundles of all time. Now and then, Free Fire’s developers introduce new bundles with the highest number of bundles available in the game. During the Diamond Royale section of the game, players can spin the wheel and claim rewards. A rare bundle is a grand prize in the wheel. Free Fire’s Diamond Royale campaign remains the main source for earning new and rare costume bundles. There has been a Luck Royale in the game for some years now, and the developers update it periodically. Several Free Fire players have also expressed interest in the previously released bundles. Garena has made available the best ones through Diamond Royale, so they search for the best ones.

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List of Best Diamond Royale Bundles in Free fire

Let us see the list of all of the best Diamond Royale bundles in the Free Fire Game:

  1. Bloody Mistress: This makes the Bloody Mistress one of the best costume bundles in Free Fire to be released via Diamond Royale. The design resembles a female vampire, as the name suggests, and provides a distinctive look. The set is available through the Magic Cube section of the Magic Cube store.

           As part of the Bloody Mistress Bundle are the following items:

  • Bloody Mistress (Mask)
  • Bloody Mistress (Top)
  • Bloody Mistress (Bottoms)
  • Bloody Mistress (Shoes)
  1. Night Clown: Among the rarest bundles in the game, Night Clown is ranked fourth on this list. Apart from its initial appearance in Diamond Royale, the unique costume has made numerous other appearances since it was included several years ago.

It contains the following contents:

  • Night Clown (Head)
  • Night Clown (Top)
  • Night Clown (Pants)
  • Night Clown (Shoes)

3.     Bandit: Many people are interested in getting their hands on Bandit, another fantastic bundle. As a result of the overall look and aesthetic this set offers, users have requested that the developers make it available on their respective servers.

Following things will be discovered by the user in this bandit bundle:

  • Bandit (Mask)
  • Bandit (Top)
  • Bandit (Bottom)
  • Bandit (Shoes)
  1. Duchess Swallowtail: Garena added the Dukes Swallowtail costume to the battle royale title over a year and a half ago, and individuals can buy it as of June 2020. It is an elegant fairy-themed costume that gamers will enjoy. 

Listed items are the things users will be able to find in the Duchess Swallowtail Bundle:

  • Duchess Swallowtail (Head)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Top)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Bottom)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Shoes)
  1. Arctic Blue: It is clear that Arctic Blue is the best Free Fire bundle offered as part of Diamond Royale, as most players agree it is the best. Players collected specific blueprint tokens and evolution stones in an Incubator, where the costume also appeared.

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Arctic bundle consist of the following:

  • Arctic Blue (Head)
  • Arctic Blue (Mask)
  • Arctic Blue (Top)
  • Arctic Blue (Bottom)
  • Arctic Blue (Shoes)
  1. Fortune Tales Bundle: The Diamond Royale bundle in Free Fire is an old one that makes it one of the rarest in its list of the top 5 best Diamond Royale bundles. Both male and female bundles called ‘Golden Fist’ and ‘Rising Phoenix’ were part of this bundle.
  1. Electric Shock Bundle: The Electric Shock bundle was released almost two years ago as part of the Diamond Royale bundle. The male bundle from the royale is more valuable and can be used in the game more effectively. Some of the most popular YouTubers and celebrities use this bundle including SK Sabir Boss.
  1. Techno Heart Bundle: Earlier this year, Techno Heart introduced a bundle to coincide with Valentine’s Day. A Valentine’s gift bundle for men is called ‘Heartbreak Cupid’. The Broken Heart logo is embroidered in the middle of the red, black, and white shirt. As part of this Free Fire Bundle, you also get Light Blue Hair and Modern Glasses.
  1. Lee The Dragon: As part of the ‘Royal Duo’ event, the Diamond Royale introduced the Lee The Dragon bundle. As one of the rarest and best bundles in Diamond Royale, the male bundle is the most sought after. When viewed, this Bundle looks almost identical to Bruce Lee. Its name is also Lee The Dragon.
  1. Doctor Red Bundle: Its red and white aesthetic distinguishes it from the other prizes in Free Fire’s current Diamond Royale. In addition to using the mask and headpiece as standalone items, players love the intimidating mask and headpiece included in this bundle. As of June 30, there are only six days left for the existing Diamond Royale to expire, and players must act quickly if they wish to take advantage of it.


I hope the information shared was useful to all my readers out there.


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