Reviews of Meesho App

Reviews of Meesho App

In this post, we’ll look into the Meesho app and see whether it’s safe to use for shopping. But, before we get into the review, let’s go over some background information so you can determine whether or not to utilize it.

Read the whole article to know every detail about the Meesho App.

Details about the Meesho App

In 2015, Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit founded meesho platforms. They are both IIT-DELHI graduates. By 2020, they hoped to have produced 20 million successful businesses.

What is the purpose of the Meesho app?

If we speak about it, Meesho is essentially an online resale platform, or a digital marketing application. It is also available for free download through the Google Play Store.

It’s likely that you’re wondering what type of resale platform this is, so let’s get to know it.

Meesho App is a website where a variety of wholesale merchants sell their wares. You may also get money from meesho by creating an account and sharing their products on social media sites; you will be paid a commission for doing so.

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Let’s have a look at an example.

Let’s say you’re using the Meesho app to assist a corporation in selling a phone that costs 10,000 rupees. In such situation, this business will pay you a 5% commission.

The 5% commission on a sum of 10,000 rupees is 500 rupees. So that’s how meesho can help you make money.

What is the function of Meesho?

Everyone nowadays is reaping the benefits of technology; for example, the majority of people utilize WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. And let’s say you have too many Facebook pals or too many Instagram followers. You may easily make more than 20,000 rupees each month in this instance.

Maybe you’re thinking of a question right now. What do we truly get out of meesho? Yes, it is correct. Because it’s distinct from other online selling platforms, you may earn a lot of money from it.

In real life, Meesho works as a wholesaler. Let’s have a look at an example.

Meesho works in the same way as Amazon and Flipkart do. For those who desire to make money, there is a specific alternative.

To begin, you must first establish a meesho account. After that, you may share any product’s links with your Instagram followers or anybody else who is interested in purchasing the item you’re selling.

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Reviews of Meesho app

Meesho is, in our opinion, an excellent application. Still, we questioned customers for their opinions on meesho, and more than 75% of them said they liked it.

Read on to find out what they have to say about the meesho app and what they have to say about it.


It’s a best app for online shopping of clothes..and every is better than Amazon and flipkart in case of shopping of clothes.. I had ordered 8 different types of clothes in last 5 months and each and every product is excellent…there is not even a single defect in any of the products… Apart from this.. had ordered 5 jwellery and these are also very good.. In messho… products are awesome in

very reasonable price.l would say it’s a best online shopping app. thank you messho.

Preeti Halappanavar

The app is very inconvineint to use. it does

not contain a size chart for all products,

specifications and description of the products is inaccurate. it does not have option to cancel the order (even if there is, it is very difficult to locate). the cart cannot hold more than 1 item. you have to order the first item in your cart, only then you can add something else to it. cannot

use any gift vouchers from wallets in this app.

Uma Madhu

Hi…meesho team.thanks for introducing new products for a very low price .While comparing with market prices. It was really good.. That too with fantastic materials.great job. But try to be

touch with customers…whose products were sometimes were not delivered somewhere return back..lack of communication..between them..try to improve…good luck.

Satish Kumar

My return order was not picked up even after 1month of due date. I have called their customer care multiple time and they assured to resolve the issue but all in vain. Even i have talked to their seniors but they didn’t listen to my complaint and put my call on hold for more than 30 min.Till date neither my returned order is picked up nor my refund is credited to my bank account.Really disappointed with the service.

Tom Monk

Delivery is fast. product as described, would love to buy more from this site. Quality is always a concern for online purchases. Hope, this wonderful

experience continues in future.

Note: We reviewed numerous websites and venues where people discussed the meesho platform in addition to questioning individuals directly. However, the majority of them were dissatisfied. We investigated a site where over 8,000 people voted for meesho, and it received just two out of five stars. So now you can decide whether or not you want to utilise this software.


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