Revenant Esports CEO Calls Out Esports Community For Poaching

Hey there, esports enthusiasts! Have you heard about the latest buzz in the Indian esports scene? Rohit Jagasia, the big boss of Revenant Esports, has stirred up quite a conversation. He’s calling out some folks in the esports community for what he believes is player poaching. Let’s dive into what’s happening.

Main IssueRohit Jagasia, CEO of Revenant Esports, accuses the esports community of player poaching.
Initial OutburstJagasia’s cryptic message on X about esports and contracts, leading to confusion in the esports community and fans.
Follow-Up ExplanationJagasia elaborates, criticizing those who disrupt team unity, especially after successful events in Bangalore.
Context of ComplaintThe complaint follows Revenant Esports’ success in Skyesports Championship 5.0 and Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023.
Response from IndustryShiva Nandy, CEO of Skyesports, calls for respecting contracts and suggests a transfer window to prevent poaching.
Revenant Esports’ SuccessNotable performance in recent events, including a second-place finish in Skyesports Championship 5.0.
Broader ConcernPoaching in esports is a growing issue due to the lack of a formal governing body and frequent team changes.

What’s the Fuss About?

The Initial Outburst

A few days back, Rohit Jagasia, the CEO of Revenant Esports, threw a bit of a curveball on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter). He posted, “Esports and contracts: a better love story than Twilight.” This cryptic message had everyone, including esports community members and fans, scratching their heads.

The Follow-Up Explanation

Later, Jagasia added more fuel to the fire with another post. He said, “There are people in this ecosystem who claim to be putting in the work to grow this industry holistically but also try to break a team that has stuck together since the game is back just before a significant tournament and after a successful outing in Bangalore. Well done.”

The Accusation of Poaching

So, what’s really going on? It seems like someone approached a player from Revenant Esports right after the team had a successful run in the Bangalore-hosted Skyesports Championship 5.0 and the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023 LAN Events. Jagasia is not happy about it, to say the least.

The Bigger Picture

Esports and Contracts

Skyesports CEO and Founder Shiva Nandy chimed in, emphasizing the importance of contracts and binding MOUs in the esports industry. He suggested that there should be a proper transfer window, much like in traditional sports, to avoid poaching.

Revenant Esports’ Recent Success

While Revenant Esports showed impressive performance in the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023, their shining moment was at the Skyesports Championship 5.0 LAN finals, where they finished second.

The Issue of Poaching

With several Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) teams going through changes and no formal body governing esports, poaching has become a growing concern for esports companies.


  1. Who is Rohit Jagasia?

    Rohit Jagasia is the CEO and owner of Revenant Esports, one of India’s most prominent esports organizations.

  2. What did Rohit Jagasia accuse others in the esports community of?

    He accused certain individuals in the esports community of trying to poach players from his team.

  3. What was the context of Jagasia’s complaint?

    The complaint came after Revenant Esports’ successful performances in two major esports events in Bangalore.

  4. What’s the stance of Skyesports CEO on this issue?

    Shiva Nandy, the CEO of Skyesports, emphasizes the importance of honoring contracts and suggests implementing a proper transfer window to prevent poaching.

  5. Why is poaching a concern in esports?

    With no formal governing body in esports and teams constantly evolving, poaching has become a significant issue affecting team stability and industry growth.

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