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Putlocker9 is an online website for streaming and watching videos online.
It was founded in the UK around 2011 and has become really popular since then with numerous users visiting the website daily to stream their favorite videos on the platform.
With Putlocker, you can easily watch your favorite movies online for free and you also get to discover thousands of the latest movies online that are available on the website.
Videos from hosting sites provides index of movies and you get to watch them online for free. No account is required to be opened,  neither does it requires any online payment.
The website is created to help its users discover and stream their favorite Videos and TV shows online.
Recently, their domain has changed quite a lot of times, such as Putlockers.la, putlocker.ch, Putlocker.is, Putlocker.cz…
They are probably being shut down or suspended due to some reasons are best known to them.
Before some of these websites were suspended, according to Alexa data, putlocker.is is a globally a top website which generated about 1 million visitors daily and the website was listed among the top 150 in the United States in 2016.
Although, after the closure of putlocker.is,  a clone like site with the address putlocker.today came up  shortly after putlocker.is was presumably terminated.
Later that year, putlocker9.com was reported to be available to be visited.
However, by early November 2016, putlocker.is website became available again, although, it redirected its users to putlockers.ch, which was an updated URL by that time.
Getting to know the good ones among these websites are really tedious to find., you can visit this; “Putlocker9.as” to stream your favorite TV shows or movies.


Putlocker is an online website which was made available for all its users to stream and watch videos online which includes different genres and TV shows to choose from.
Among them are, science fiction, action, drama, romance, thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy, crime, adventure and many more.

The website doesn’t charge it users for streaming online, it is absolutely free and you do not need to open an account before you start streaming your favorite movies or TV show.
Videos can be watched in different versions like 3gp, mp4, HD, avi and the other available ones.


1. Whenever streaming or download is about to take place, A strong and reliable internet connection is always essential.
2. Another essential thing is a fully charged Phone or a reliable power supply for your PC.
3. Up next is to open your browser and visit the website Putlocker9.as and then scroll through the website to find your favorite movies or TV shows.
4. Click on the preferred movie and then proceed to watch the movie immediately after clicking on the play button.
5. The next step is to click on the format you would like to stream, depending on your choice and the available data you have.
The data consumption will depend on the quality of the format you’ve chosen. i.e HD consumes much more data than 3gp.
However, HD has a higher quality than 3gp.
6. Now, the streaming begins and you can start enjoying your favorite movie online.
7. You can follow the above steps to stream another movie of your choice when you get bored or needs to watch another interesting movie on the website.
Interestingly, movies gets uploaded almost immediately they are available and you enjoy unlimited series and genres of movies on the website.
It is easy to use, free of charge and available at all time. All you have to do is follow the above steps and procedures for download.

Putlocker9 Movies

Below are some of the movies available on the website:
1. A Star Is Born
2. Avengers: Infinity War
3. Mission: Impossible – Fallout
4. Isle Of Dogs
5. Windling
6. Eighth Grade
7. Christopher Robin
8. Raazi
9. Hereditary
10. Batman Ninja
11. Upgrade
12. Ant Man And The Wasp
13. Ready Player One
14. Black Panther
15. Midnight Sun
16. The Greatest Showman
17. Spiderman : Homecoming
18. Transformers: The Last Knight
19. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
20. Baywatch
21. Wonder Woman
22. Baby Driver
23. Fifth Shade Darker
24. Boss Baby
25. I Feel Pretty
26. War For The Planet Of Apes
27. Game Of Thrones (Seasonal Series)
28. Supernatural (Seasonal Series)
29. The Walking Dead (Seasonal Series)
30. Teen Wolf (Seasonal Series)
31. The Flash (Seasonal Series)

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