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PUBG mobile is surely one of the finest royale battle game that is a blessing to the game world. Many players admire this very game due to its features, gameplay, plot and much more. This is something that feels realistic all this ensure an amazing gameplay experience overall. All the things going on in the game has a meaning as the game user’s real-life physics is kind of evident in all the trajectory of the bullets as well as the velocity in which they are dropped. Most of you must be already aware of the PUBG in-game tier system that helps a lot of players to compete against each other in many possible maps available within the game which is a kind of advantage for sure. But many other players are not aware that they cannot push their tier rank just by collecting. As there is a requirement of a bunch of strategies depending upon the map been chosen to play and also the mode one has opted to play with. In the game of PUBG conqueror is the highest tier available that a player can achieve.

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But this will all together require a lot of hard work as well as patience. Since it’s the time of pandemic and everyone is at home this is the proper time players can invest to push their rank to the top. However, this may sound easy but trust me it’s not like that. Many known players have shared their experience on the platform of YouTube that you can check and then decide the level of hard required here. The game allows its players to be ranked on the different leader boards available. As in they can easily compare their ranks with friends. The ranking system works in form of a tier starting from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond. Also, in each tier the player is required to make a progress through the five-level made available this starts from 5 to 1 as the rating increases.

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The final ranking is based on the total rating earned by the player. Well, the rating here is given for survival, kills, support and many other things. In short, is performance-based. Apart from this, a different rank is given to the player for each gaming mode played with. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks that can be used by the players to push their ranks. So, if you are someone who been searching for something like this then you are at the correct place. Now the first let us look at the initial essential things required for a smooth rank pushing experience in the game of PUBG mobile. 

Things Required to Push Your Rank in PUBG

  1. A smartphone with a RAM of 3-4 GB at least
  2. There should be a stable internet connection available
  3. The player much has lots of time as well as patience
  4. You must also have a good earphone or headphone to enhance your overall experience

Tips and Tricks to Push Your Rank in PUBG

Let’s now get started with the tricks and tips players can make use of:

  1. The first thing that must be done by the player is to select the most suitable model at his/her convenience. As one has to select a mode to push. This mode can be either solo, duo or squad. As per many known players duo and squad mode is advised to be the best to push the rank. This may vary from person to person but kindly decide by taking time, not in a rush.
  2. The second this that must be done is to select a stable team. This is quite effective if you choose a permanent team. As playing with random players may not help in here. Apart from this playing with the same set of players increase each player’s synergy individually. All this in total increases the coordination between teammates which is a good sign for sure. This is for sure one of the important things required to push the rank.
  3. The third thing that can be done is to play with the full team. Kindly avoid playing the combinations such as solo vs squad, solo vs duo as this is not at all a level match. Apart from this, this will surely affect your gameplay and the enemy in front of you will achieve the advantage.
  4. The fourth thing that players must remember is to always play safe. Kindly do avoid hot drop location while rank pushing. Try to land up in a safe location, gather a lot of items you may require and after that, you can commit the fights. Also, do avoid fights when you are not having proper equipment’s.
  5. The fifth thing that you can do is to use all the throwable wisely. This consists of frag grenades, smoke grenades, Molotov cocktails. Make sure you carry the correct numbers of equipment’s requires. This will surely increase your chances of winning the battle against your enemy.

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There are few more tricks players can use such as making use of vehicles when required, making secure kills, choosing roles of their preferences and surviving till the very end. I hope the information shared was useful.  

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