PUBG WhatsApp Group Link List

PUBG WhatsApp Group Link List

PUBG is one of the widely played games around the globe and it would not be wrong to say that the game has influenced the life of every player in some or other way around. Apart from that this game is on the list of most enjoyed games in the online gaming world. Any sort of news related to this game is very important for its followers as well as players and sometimes there are situations in which we miss out on some of the most important news which can cause severe damage to our respective rank within the game or even anything bigger than that. So if you are a fan or active player of this game who always wanted to be updated about the game then my friend this is the article for you as in here we are going to list down some of the most popular WhatsApp Groups.

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These groups are created for the players to be connected with the community of the same people who play the game of PUBG mobile has around 100 million-plus installs made through the Google play store. And there are thousands of PUBG related groups created for various purposes. In this article, I will mention a few of these groups that may help the players in related issues if faced. These invite links are free of cost thus nothing is going to be taken from you to be joined with the PUBG community. Some of the purposes for which these groups are formed are listed down.

  1. Free UC
  2. Custom Rooms
  3. Paid Tournaments
  4. Live Stream
  5. Technical Issues
  6. ID activation and many more…

Apart from that, the groups are updated regularly and each time you will be notified. There are even no security related issues so do not worry about the same. To maintain the group in a proper function certain rules are made that are compulsory to be followed by every player within the group. These PUBG WhatsApp groups will help the players to play as well get advice from pro-players, win free UC from time to time, Know about correct strategy offers etc, get hold of the free royal pass and even more. The maximum number of members allowed within these groups is 200 so you must join fast.

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How to join the PUBG WhatsApp Groups using the invite link?

  1. At first, find your desired group from the list given below
  2. Then kindly click the one and with that, you will be redirected to your Whatsapp App
  3. Then just click on the join button mentioned below to enter the group
  4. That’s it now you are in

Rules of the PUBG WhatsApp Groups:

  1. You can use these groups for the doubt regarding that particular group made for
  2. Do not make use of strong and abusive language
  3. Kindly share an only posts or new news regarding PUBG nothing else is entertained
  4. Religious, Political topics are not allowed in the group
  5. Don’t spam the group in any case
  6. Nobody is allowed to change group display pic or the official name
  7. Kindly respect all the members of the group and please avoid sending personal messages 
  8. The person not following the rules will be permanently removed from the group

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PUBG WhatsApp Group Link List:

  1. PUBG Free UC

  1. PUBG Mobile Lite

  1. PUBG Mobile Telugu

  1. PUBG Tournament

  1. PUBG Mobile Kerala

  1. PUB G Gammers

  1. PUBG Room

  1. PUBG Pro Players

  1. Indian PUBG

  1. Tamil Gammers

  1. PUBG Players

  1. PUBG Army

  1. PUBG Daily Cash

  1. Best PUBG Player

  1. PUBG Lovers

  1. PUBG Stars

  1. PUBG YT Streamer

  1. PUBG Arena

  1. PUBG League

  1. PUBG Community

  1. PUBG Money


I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers out there.


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