PUBG Ranking System Explained

PUBG Ranking System Explained

One of the greatest battle royale games available is Player’s Unknown Battleground or PUBG. PUBG is still an intriguing game that encourages competition among its players, even though it was launched in 2016. The long-awaited inclusion of a genuine ranked mode to PUBG should boost competition as more players than ever try to score a scrumptious chicken meal and climb the rankings.

Climbing the rankings maybe even more fulfilling than just participating in public bouts. The PUBG ranking system, on the other hand, is a little difficult to explain. Because so much of it is done behind closed doors, the player may be unclear of how to raise their rank or why their rank is at the level it is.

While gaining PUBG ranks is harder than climbing CSGO or Valorant levels in terms of time and effort, you can still get a respectable rank even if you don’t control every lobby you join. This tutorial explains the PUBG ranked system, including how it works, what factors determine your tier in the system, and what you can do to better it.

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What is the PUBG Rank System and How Does It Work?

Each new season in PUBG gives a soft reset to the game’s ranking system. This provides you with a new opportunity to improve your ranking in ranked mode. You’ll be able to play ten different games right now. The results of these games will decide your starting position for the season. The following is the PUBG Ranks order in which you may be placed:

  • Bronze – Requires less than 1500 points.
  • 1500-1999 points are required for silver.
  • Gold (2000-2500 points) is required.
  • 2500-2999 points are required for platinum.
  • 3000-3499 points are required for a diamond.
  • 3500+ points are required for a Master.
  • Grandmaster – On the ranked ladder, the top 500 players are considered Grandmasters.

Each rank is subdivided into five divisions, which are numbered from 5 to 1 in decreasing order. As soon as you reach the 100-point threshold, you will be promoted to division 5 of the following tier:

  • Conqueror
  • Ace
  • Crown
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

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Various PUBG Ranked Modes        

There isn’t a single pool for rated players in PUBG, nor is there a score that is tied to your whole account. Your game mode determines how the Ranked system works. For each game mode, you will get a distinct score. So, whether you play in the first or third person, you’ll be in a distinct ranking mode, with no effect on your points or score in other modes.

Aside from that, various squad sizes have separately rated ladders. Overall, this implies that the PUBG ranked system is well-divided, with several distinct categories in which you may compete.

Finally, various locations have different ranked queues activated, depending on what PUBG Corp. considers to be of interest to players. The following is a breakdown of the rated availability by region:

  • EU: Ranked Squad (TPP/FPP), Ranked Solo (FPP only)
  • KR: Ranked Solo, Ranked Squad (both TPP only)
  • AS: Ranked Squad (FPP/TPP), Ranked Solo (TPP only)
  • SEA: Ranked Squad (TPP/FPP)
  • NA, RU, SA, OC: Ranked Squad (FPP only)

How to quickly climb the ranks in PUBG MOBILE?

If you want to advance quickly in the PUBG MOBILE ranks, there are no shortcuts or simple ways to do it. We can, however, offer you a tiny piece of advice, which is that you may always organize a team and play on the Erangel map. The map offers a large amount of ground to traverse, as well as several snipers and close combat options, and your squadmates may find themselves in a true team conflict.

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How to improve PUBG rank?

There are a few certain techniques to get your desired PUBG rating. While you won’t be able to acquire Master or Diamond on your first try, Platinum is rather easy to get if you follow these five basic guidelines.

  • Play in a single game mode — There are several ranking mode levels for the first and third person, as well as the number of participants. As a result, it is dispersed widely. When you play one game mode, you may receive additional time using the ranking system. This way, you’ll have a lot higher chance of progressing through the ranks.
  • Survival – Surviving in the game is an excellent strategy to improve your ranking. This isn’t as quick as earning a lot of kills, but it’s also less hazardous since you’ll die less often. You may quickly get a high Platinum rating only by accumulating placement points. All of the following will need a significant number of kills.
  • Play a lot of matches — the best method to advance in ranked mode is to play a lot of matches. It encourages you to play more than it encourages you to play properly. If you keep playing games and finishing in the top ten, your score will rise through sheer force of will.
  • Team Deathmatch — As the adage goes, “a team deathmatch a day keeps the potato shoots away.” Indeed, playing 30 minutes of TDM every day will improve your dueling proficiency as well as your survival skills, which will improve your ranking performance.

How does the PUBG MOBILE rank reset works?

The Royal Pass is used to acquire prizes in the ranked mode. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Royal Pass is a tier-based reward system that allows players to claim special things depending on their current tier.

Here’s the list of rewards players can earn in this Season 19 Royal Pass

  • 1 – 3 Supply crate scraps
  • 3 – 5 RP badges voucher(S19)
  • 5 – 1 Rating protection card
  • 6 – 2 Classic crate scraps
  • 7 – 1000 BP
  • 9 – Heart Emote (Cheer Park exclusive)
  • 10 – 1 RP Mission cards
  • 11 – 3 Supply crate scraps
  • 15 – Flex Muscles emote
  • 16 – 2 Classic crate scraps
  • 17 – 1000 BP
  • 19 – Like It Emote Bubble (Cheer Park exclusive)
  • 20 – 30 silver fragments
  • 21 – 3 Supply crate scraps
  • 23 – 5 RP badges vouchers (S19)
  • 25 – 1 Rating Protection Card
  • 26 – 4 Classic crate scraps
  • 27 – 1000 BP
  • 29 – 15 silver fragments
  • 30 – Scarab Totem Parachute
  • 31 – 3 Supply crate scraps
  • 33 – 1 Experience card
  • 35 – 30 silver fragments
  • 36 – 3 Classic crate scraps
  • 37 – 1000 BP
  • 39 – 15 silver fragments
  • 40 – 3 Classic crate scraps
  • 41 – 5 Supply crate scraps
  • 43 – 1 BP card
  • 45 – Alien UMP45 skin
  • 46 – 4 Classic crate scraps
  • 47 – 1000 BP
  • 49 – 15 silver fragments
  • 50 – 1 Rating Protection card
  • 51 – 5 Supply crate scraps
  • 53 – 1 Experience card
  • 55 – 5 Classic crate scraps
  • 57 – 1000 BP
  • 59 – 15 silver fragments
  • 60 – 10 Classic crate scraps


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