PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

From the recent few years, the gaming world has undergone a great change. The most amazing thing to notice is the portable these games has become initially there were game parlours where one used to go for playing the games soon after that the personal PCs made things somewhat easier than before but presently the situation has become easy such as a piece of cake. Now the games can be played on Android as well as iOS mobiles anywhere and at any time. There are two main games I would like to highlight in this article which has made people around the globe to almost go crazy the first one would be COD mobile followed by the worth mentioning game PUBG mobile.

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As the game of Call of Duty was started ruling the gaming world there was the introduction of PUBG mobile by the Tencent company to give it a tough competition in the market. There are 100 million downloads happened in the first few weeks of COD as soon as launched in the market. Just before the launch of COD mobile, the PUBG player was expecting it to replace PUBG but the PUBG altogether came as some good in form of its mobile version just in few days.  now the player has a dilemma to choose between the PUBG and COD mobile. Both were comparatively good in some or other way around. The question came arising. Which one is better? Which one should be played? It can be said to choose the best among the two games but some near-identical features made this decision much harder as it looks. Well, which one will you choose? Let’s see the comparison between both and before coming to any conclusion.

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Features comparison – COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile  

#1. Graphics:

There is always a wrong decision to go towards a game which looks better. The graphics play an important role in the player in the gaming industry. The fans attraction is toward the excellent looks that are of sure. So, let’s compare the graphics of COD mobile and PUBG mobile. As per the gaming experience of most of the players, the graphics of COD is much better as compared to that of PUBG. But it doesn’t mean the look of PUBG mobile is bad it’s just a bit less we would say. The release of PUBG mobile was a surprise pushing the boundaries of players possible in the mobile platform. PUBG mobile is somewhat less in showing as a new kid in the bloc. The Call of Duty has more variant colour that stands out making it more attractive.

#2. Minimum and 60 FPS specs:

The better graphics the more advance phone is a must because if you have an ordinary phone and played a game like COD in it there is the possibility that it may lag in between most of the time. If someone is to pick a budget phone then the chances of playing PUBG is more as per the COD mobile. The PUBG game will give you smoother experience as the shooter. The PUBG mobile game has been designed in such a manner as it can be run in various countries where the high-end devices are even spare. Also, the lite version of PUBG Mobile can even be run on lower-spec designed devices. If we talk about the COD mobile then its specs demand at least an android device with a minimum of 3GB of Ram and snapdragon 625 chip.

#3. Gameplay:

As per the old experience, both the games COD and PUBG were focusing on the traditional multiplayer like a kind of deathmatch or the search and destroying mode. But the things have now been changed a little bit for sure. Both games have somewhat similar gameplay features which are the royal and deathmatch. In COD there are more tactics ways liking searching and destroying from the console counterparts. While in PUBG its open-world survival like a quick match. If you are such a player who prefers the larger playing field and the view then PUBG mobile is the game where you will be finding such minded players. But if you grew up playing FSP title then COD will be a great choice.

Controller support:

If I take about the controller support then Call of Duty doesn’t support it. This may be added up in the future but the feature was just pulled before it was going to be launched. This was mainly done to stop the splitting of the player base. While in case of PUBG mobile the controller is enabled to be run through the funky keys remapping. 


Both the games are great to play but choosing out the two can be tough sometimes. If you need to make a quick choice then the above article may help a little. Happy gaming.


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