How to get pubg mobile partner title

A few months ago, Tencent as the developer of the PUBG Mobile game introduced a spec known as PUBG Partner. And since it was first released to this day, there are still lots of users who are confused how to get a title at PUBG Mobile.

The title or title that users will obtain from this PUBG partner has its own feature, you know. Launching RepublicWorld, the PUBG Mobile title serves to inform other users about what achievements we have done via this game.

So, it is not a simple matter to get it. Actually, Tencent also emphasized that not just any person can get it. But, that does not mean you cannot have. And for those of you who are interested about how to get title on PUBG mobile, view the description below.

What is PUBG partner title?

PUBG partner title is a title that can be accessible to only and only those people who are PUBG influencers, that is, people who make content related to PUBG. So get it out of your mind right now that you tool will get this title. You search this title by going to the title area in PUBG where the PUBG full achievements titles are mentioned, you will not find this title there not in achievement.

A question must have come to your mind where does this PUBG title come from? So I would love to tell you that it is a PUBG team itself that decides who has to offer this title, and for this, they have kept some criteria, who have to be fulfilled to obtain the title. To get this title you do not need to maintain best KD and rank in PUBG, but you must be a video creator using any edition of PUBG.

For what objective this title is?

As we all know that the big number of people playing PUBG is rising day by day and at the same time the number of content creators and streamers is also rising. There are some very popular streamers whose names are copied by many people in PUBG. And these people make fake account using any popular players name and begin hacking and killing the rivals. What happens with this is that the name of the real popular player gets maligned. So this title is given to represent its real. As a blue tick is found on the true accounts of influencers or celebrities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then this title can be known as blue tick in PUBG.

So this title will present that this account is the official account of this person. People who are engaged in PUBG night and full day, who work so hard on account, who promote PUBG via them, this title is also used to make the PUBG ID of such people a little unique from other ordinary people.

Types of PUBG partner title


Are you in a relationship? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? If you have and your lover also a gamer, then the 2 can play the PUBG with the lover title.

So, make your love connection stronger with having fun.


BFF means best friend forever, or a user whom who want to make a friend for life long.

So if you have a BFF in true life. And he plays PUBG, and then you can make him a partner with the BFF title.


Do you have any best person? If you have then why do not make him PUBG partner getting a friend title?

What is the best title in PUBG mobile?

Perseverance: one of the simplest titles to get on PUBG mobile is perseverance.

 Season Ace: The Season Ace title can be got when pushing your rank until you get Ace rank which is the second biggest rank in PUBG Mobile.

  • Sharpshooter
  • Weapon Master
  • Well-liked

How to make PUBG partner?

To make the PUBG partner, you have to send a request to the picked person.

So, to send the request to make a partner, the instruction:

  1. Start the game and tap on your profile
  2. Tap on the connection feature
  3. Send a request for a partner and wish for his/her feedback. If your offer is accepted, you will become a partner.
  4. You need to have at least four-hundred points to send the partner request.

How to get PUBG partner title?

To get the title partner in PUBG does not need skills or UC. But, it needs ample synergy points. So, the player must have at least one-thousand synergy points to get the partner title.

How to redeem synergy, if you have one-thousand points?

If you have eligible points to obtain the title of PUBG title then, follow this instruction:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap on the connection feature
  • Finally, tap on the partner option and redeem for free

How can I obtain PUBG mobile title easily?

One of the simplest titles to obtain PUBG Mobile is Perseverance. To obtain this title, you just need to buy Elite Royale pass for three seasons in a row. Every time you open this six-hundred UC pass, you can claim many prizes for 2.500 UB by clearing all Royale Pass missions accessible.

End words

If you are a PUBG related content creator and YouTube video creator, and if your channel follows all important criteria then you can actually get this PUBG title. If you play any edition of PUBG like PUBG Korean or PUBG international version then you will obtain the title PUBG partner, and if you play BGMI you will get BGMI Partner title. One vital thing I want to tell you is that there is no redeem code by which you can obtain this title, so do not be a fool. Although PUBG would provide you this title by redeeming it, no such redeem code has been licked till date, it is extremely secret.

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