PUBG Mobile KD System

PUBG Mobile KD System

The new season of PUBG the season 13 has made its arrival in the market. With its introduction comes a lot of new features that would give the next level of experience to all the PUBG lovers. The game already has a huge fan following in the gaming world and with this new update, the game is all new and ready to be explored again. The previous season was something amazing to explore. There are quite guess made about the new 13th season let’s see whether it’s able to satisfy the gamers worldwide.

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There is one feature known as amidst that came along with the new season. The feature has already created confusion among a lot of players. If you are not aware till now then kindly go to the in-game profile and in the statics section, you can observe that the KD system of PUBG mobile has changed. There were many players to notice this change in the first place and till that time the massive confusion was spread.  As per now, there would be new KD calculation will be done. On the first place, you can see that the KD calculation was done based on the old data calculation. The slight change is something different been done first time in the game of PUBG mobile. There is a question asked such as:

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How to calculate KD in PUBG Mobile?

In the game of PUBG KD means the kill-death ratio of the player involved in the game. This mainly shows how many killing a player has done before he died in the game. Both the new and old way of KD calculation is mentioned here. In the old calculation of KD, the ratio of all the kills done by the player with all the deaths taken place was done. This old formula is now replaced with a new kind of formula. Total KD is equal to total number kills plus total matches of the player divided by total death taken place in all the matches the player has played so far. Simply it looks like:

Total K/D = Total Kills including all matches / Total Deaths including all matches.

This must be easier to understand, I think. If I try to explain this using an example then I think a lot would be able to get it correctly. Let’s take that you played 2 matches and, in each match, you killed 5 players. One chicken dinner was achieved by you then as per the new formula of calculating KD it will be like KD = 10.00 (10 / 1 = 10) and as per this, the total number of kills become 10 and death is equal to 1 at the end. This new season is with a lot of new surprises now the overall KD will not only be based on one mode but will depend on all the modes. So, the formula will be now: Total K/D = Total Kills including all matches / Total Matches Played. The game of PUBG mobile has never disappointed its player in the first place. This is one of their priority to keep the player happy and satisfy with all the updates done to date. The developers are doing their best to make the game look better as well as to run smoothly in the smart devices. The players level can also be determined using this KD system which is, of course, an advantage to note download. Here are some of the pros and cons of this new KD system:


  1. The old KD system use to promote camping
  2. The chicken dinner was able to increase the KD overall
  3. The new KD system is quite encouraging for player good in PUBG
  4. The new KD calculation will increase if you perform a little bit nice at the end of the season


  1. New KD ignores the player completely who has a quite high win ratio as compare to the number of kills done.
  2. The new KD is not even considering the survival at the end of the game which is quite unexpected in the first place.

How can you improve your KD in the game of PUBG?

As now the full idea of the game has changed so increasing your KD will be much easier than before. If we even assume you as an ordinary average level player who mainly plays in the camping mode. As in this mode will increase your KD slowly and if you try to play aggressively there would be more increase in your KD than before.


PUBG Mobile is a great game and the developers have always tried to make it much better than before. Kindly use plays this new season with love and support. I hope the article was able to clear much of your doubts. Happy gaming. 


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