The year 2020 was unexpected in the whole world. The year was full of changes that were never been imagined before. At one hand where the pandemic has made the people stay inside their houses while on the other hand there were serious consequences, humanity was paid to nature around. The cities became empty while many people among us lost their jobs. All the shops were closed and the vehicle was no longer seen on the roads. We all have come across the horrible stage and this pandemic was something that wouldn’t be forgotten by the history of the world for the coming years. The gaming world also saw some unexpected changes one such news was the ban of the game PUBG in India. This was banned in September 2020 under the digital surgical strike on the game as well as the 118 more Chinese apps.

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Since the ban took place the gamers were not so happy with the news and in the response of that, there was a decision taken to launch the Indian version of PUBG soon in India. The PUBG India was also giving relevant teasers about the game since the festival Diwali according to some random sources they gave up the news that the game will make its comeback soon near the period of the new year. This news was quite a surprise for most of the gamers around the country. The news came to be false that time as soon after that an announcement was made from the side of developers that the government of India has not still permitted the relaunch of the Indian version of PUBG game.

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After that, the news is still in the go that the game can be launched till the end of March. The way of launching the game has a lot of trouble that the developers is been facing over time. If the game made its comeback than it sure a piece of great news for the Krafton and its upcoming ventures.  the company has been making a lot of financial as well as logical efforts in kind of investment to bring the game back in the country. This will surely have an excellent as well as huge role if they want the game to achieve the same position as it has in the past being the popular mobile game among the Indian gamers.

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We can still remember the time when the game was having a Fluorous reputation in the gaming market of India. There are most of us who are not aware of the information that Krafton Inc. Ia a South Korean video game holding company famous for their games and services. The company is quite famous with a lot of followers. This company was created to modify as well as better align all of its subsidiaries and even itself under a unique brand and also the PUBG corporation is one such subsidiary.

As per the sources the PUBG Corp. Was merged with the Krafton company to make a reappearance in the gaming industry. All the PUBG corporation maintained for each country will now fall into this country which surely makes sense as the game has recently loss a huge market in the year 2020. Apart from India, there are many other countries which has banned this game such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and much more. Since the game was banned in India the company has been planning to bring it back with many other advanced as well as unique features that the players will like to the fullest. In Indian is it known to the PUBG corporation. As per most of the PUBG fan in India, the game will be coming back soon. For some month, the Krafton company was silent but soon after the long wait, it announced its collaboration with Microsoft azure. This will be responsible for hosting its data as well as the PUBG mobile. This made the return somewhat easier as compare to the circumstances before.

The final announcement was making most of the doubt regarding the comeback easy to be achieved. Along with the return of the game PUBG the company is been planning a great as well as successful future in Indian mainly due to the large population of youth involved in the gaming industry from a very young age.

The company has also revealed its plan to invest around $100M in the country introduced and develop many other Indian video games, esports, IT as well as entertainment industries. There is even the new that the company is going to establish a branch office in India where many people specialized in the domain will be provided jobs with. This can be under the act of making in India for sure. Employment will also be increased in this way. As soon as the company step in as soon the new things will be started to begin. There is quite an excitement among the people regarding the upcoming arrival.


The PUBG game is among the most favourites ones. Many players are looking forward to their return. I hope the return take place soon. 


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