PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK Hundred Rhythms Update

We all are aware of the fact that how much PUBG gameplay is popular among a large group of people around the globe. The gameplay offered by PUBG is been build up by focusing on both Android as well as IOS Mobile set up to provide an excellent user interface to the users of both devices. In recent times a new global + KR version is been uploaded over all the possible servers. In such a case, players are always in wait for a new version with more smooth features that at the same place improve their whole gameplay overall. For the time now players can download the latest version 1.3 APK from the link provided below. Till now you must already have got that this article is going to be all about the PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK which is the Hundred Rhythms update. So, if you are interested in knowing more kindly do read forward.  As the PUBG Mobile game is online thus the epic action gameplay is developed in collaboration with the company known as the Tencent games.

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 Initially, the gameplay that was developed by this amazing collaboration was praised by many players around the globe and this helped the game to gain a lot of popularity overall but soon after some time, this popularity came a bit down as some technical glitches were noticed within the game which was not at all good for the gameplay of PUBG game. Now as the game has been known by a lot of players thus the developers were able to fix these so-called glitches in no time and with that, the gameplay again became quite popular among the PUBG players. As per many sources present on the web, there were more than 1 billion active mobile users who successfully installed the PUBG Mobile game on their respective devices. This was the pure indication to the PUBG developers that gamers are enjoying playing this game with their friends and family members.

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Not only this but PUBG platform apart from the game also provide a social interaction among the players belonging to the different regions as well countries. This social interaction concept is quite common within this game because many of the time you will end up playing with totally random strangers. Now this game has a set of features that makes it even more amazing for the players to enjoy. As a part of that, the developers have included the live voice chat feature which will enable the proper communication between the players while playing the game. This voice chatting feature also help one to spot the enemy which is great. Till now there are so many updates released by recently the 1.3 version is quite rolling over the market. In here something different such as maps and rhythm modes is been added. So, let’s discuss the new update in brief.

What is the PUBG 1.3 APK?

This is nothing but the newest version of the PUBG game that has been released both for Android as well iOS users. Here the developers are offering the Android version of the so-called gaming application for active mobile users. Inside this new update, the Tencent company has tried to include so many new as well exciting features such as:

  1. Magical Plants
  2. Hundred Rhythms
  3. HIP Music
  4. Mesmerizing Music Abilities
  5. Erangel Music Festival
  6. 3rd Anniversary Album
  7. New Fire Arms and Vehicles

Now moving forward, we have the general information about the PUBG 1.3 APK:

Name   PUBG 1.3
Version  v1.3.0
Size  68.6MB
Developer  Tencent Games
Package Name  com.tencent.ig
Price  Free
Required Android  5.0 plus

In the previous version, Halloween lights were used to offer different gifts. But in this update, magical plants are used to show the amazing gifts. The job of the gamer is to search for those gifts on the Erangel map. So, in here just look for the magical plants as in that way they can earn more gifts in less time. Now let’s move forward and look at the features of the APK:

  1. Here the full version of the APK plus OBB is kindly easy to reach and download
  2. The process of installing the updated version will offer different key modification
  3. The new update has additional firearms as well as vehicles.
  4. The music festival stage is reachable inside the map
  5. There are over 100+ multiple Rhythms are added and that too with different modes

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PUBG 1.3 APK Download and Install:

  1. Start the process of download from the link attached below. The size is around 943 MB so kindly make sure to have enough space in the respective device for that.
  2. Link:
  3. Once the file is completely downloaded kindly install it as through this the previous version will automatically be updated.
  4. The user also has to enable the option of ‘Install from unknown resources’ if not done before
  5. After the installation process is completed kindly open the PUBG mobile and select the desired resource pack. There are two options to choose from low-spec resource or HD resource pack
  6. After this, the latest version can be played and enjoyed.


I hope the information shared was quite useful for all my readers. 

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