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So far, players in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were only allowed to jump over the island of Erangel, which could be found in the setting in Eastern Europe. With the release of the final version, however, that changes now, because after six long months of development, the new desert map, whose name is now officially Miramar, is added to the map selection (at least for PC players, on Xbox One it will be until spring Last 2018). On this page we explain what the new map looks like, which locations are interesting and where there are weapons, equipment and vehicles. Here you will find some interesting PUBG Miramar tips and tricks of 2020 that helps you to win the Miramar map.

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PUBG Miramar Tips: layout and setting tips and tricks

Like the first map, Erangel, Miramar also corresponds to an area eight by eight kilometers long. This is where the similarities end, because Miramar was created with the idea of ​​reflecting the exact opposite of Erangel. That is why the setting was based on Central America and Mexico.

Accordingly, on the new map there are no lush meadows, extensive grassy hills and sparse forests, but a mix of wide, dusty desert plains that are jagged by rocks. A coastal strip with a few islands extends along the edge.

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PUBG Miramar Tips: Buildings, Settlements and Cities – What to Expect Where

Well distributed across Miramar, there are again a lot of smaller and larger settlements and a handful of densely built-up cities, in which the players and teams should come up with new opportunities and ideas for combat strategies.

In the meantime, the placeholder names of the cities (Murderland, Kill Box, Zombie and so on) have been exchanged for their final names by the test server. On Miramar you will now find the places Chumacera, El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los Leones, Monte Nuevo, Valle del Mar, Pecado and San Martin, among others. You can find some more detailed information and impressions of the larger cities below.

Los Leones

Los Leones (formerly “Hard Luck”) is the largest city in the new area and is located in the southeast. The skyline of the big city is drawn by numerous department stores (including the huge, gold-tinged City Center) and lots of construction sites. While many and quickly collected items of equipment and weapons can be found in the shopping center and the shopping buildings, the many construction sites enable an easy path to heaven to achieve better and superior positions for the fight.

El Pozo

The thematically based on a Mexican city, El Pozo is located in the west / northwest and consists largely of industrial buildings (including a huge, long-abandoned textile factory) and entertainment areas. The latter also includes a Lucha Libre arena, where you, as a Luchador, can punch each other’s heads, as well as the “Death Bowl” for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Monte Nuevo

Monte Nuevo in the west of Miramar shows a city under siege: walls were once built here to protect the population. In the end, the latter probably decided to flee. Either way, the walls now serve as a sparse cover for the players to access the many items of equipment and weapons distributed.

Valle del Mar

The city of Valle del Mar is located directly on the coast in the southwest and is enclosed on one side by high mountains and on the other side by the sea. Several roads lead through the mountains and along the coast to the city. In addition, Valle del Mar is divided by the De Toro bridge, which forms the connection to the offshore island with its three cities (Minas del Sur, Los Higos and Complejo Penitenciario). This quickly turns the center of the city into a cauldron. In addition to the bridge, important points here are the school in the west and the church in the east.

La Cobreria

La Cobrería in the northwest is the freight and transport center of Miramar. Accordingly, the centerpiece is a large cargo handling center with a branched rail system, warehouses and abandoned industrial buildings. Here you can go hunting between the half-buried freight containers and empty buildings. Before that, you should only stock up on equipment and weapons at the nearby school premises.

San Martin

San Martín is almost in the center of Miramar and borders the Hacienda Del Patrón in the west – the latter is known as one of the best spots for weapons and equipment. Border guards and blockades have turned the once quiet small town of San Martín into a war zone, so there is good equipment and weapons here. However, all sides of the city are easy to see, so you should be well prepared and proceed with great caution.


Chumacera is located in the south / southwest of Miramar and basically consists only of the main street, where abandoned factories, houses and shops are lined up. The city was once known for its flourishing textile industry, but it has long been idle. There are large elevation changes here that offer good opportunities for those ambushes who come into town looking for the many items of equipment and weapons. In Chumacera you can expect high risk but also high opportunities.


Pecado is centrally located in Miramar and was once a tourist stronghold with its huge casino and many hotels. Here you can expect high-quality loot but also a dangerous game with the viewing area. If you want to be aggressive here, you should go straight to the casino and the arena and clear it out. If you prefer to prepare yourself beforehand, the four-story hotels clatter between them.

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What else you should know about the PUBG map Miramar:

  • As with the first map, Erangel, on Miramar every quadrant on the map corresponds to one square kilometer, every smaller one in 100 square meters. The land mass is thus around 36 square kilometers and not half as originally planned.
  • There is another prison that serves as the start zone before each round. This time it is located on the island in the far southwest. As soon as the round starts, you can visit the island again – there are plenty of weapons and vehicles. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges, one of which leads directly to the city of Valle del Mar.
  • A military base (Campo Militar) is also represented again. You can find them in the northeast corner of the map. As with the Sosnovka base on the Erangel map, there are tons of high-quality weapons and equipment here – especially in the warehouses and in the main building in the middle.
  • There are two large craters on the map: one in the northwest (Campos Agrícolas) of Miramar and the other in the east (La Bienaventurada). In both craters you will find a settlement and a few buildings.
  • There are still more unusual places to discover. These include a soccer field, a junkyard, a production studio, an airship, a monastery, a junkyard or a cemetery. If you have time and desire, Ian can show you other great places in the video below.
  • Unsurprisingly different spawn points for weapons, vehicles and loot in the different areas. Therefore, be aware that you will find better equipment in certain areas than in others, and plan your route accordingly. But also keep in mind that there will be more competition there.
  • Within the areas with a high spawn frequency there are areas in which numerous weapons can be found. Plan a trip there if you want to get into the more dangerous zones.
  • By pressing the right mouse button you can set markings on your map. For example, you can effectively coordinate with your teammates or set personal goals. So use them regularly! You can also use the compass to move around in a more targeted manner.

PUBG Miramar: weapons and vehicles – what new and old items you can find

Without the right equipment, it’s hard to hammer each other’s skulls. Therefore, there are again a lot of old and a few new weapons on Miramar, the already known equipment and a large fleet – also with a few new vehicles. Where you can best find shooting men and vehicles, you will find out in the next point, here it is only about what can be found on the Miramar map.

The following models have so far been confirmed for the vehicles:

  • Buggy (2-seater, land vehicle),
  • Motorcycle with sidecar (3-seater, land vehicle),
  • Motorbike (2-seater, land vehicle)
  • Pickup (4-seater, land vehicle)
  • Van (6-seater, land vehicle)
  • PG-117 speedboat (5 seater, watercraft)
  • Aquarail jet ski (2-seater, watercraft)

New in 1.0 are the van, the pickup with open top and the Aquarail jet ski. Contrary to the jet ski, which is available on both cards, the van and pickup with open top are so far only found on Miramar.

The following models have been confirmed in terms of weapons:

  • Assault / machine guns: AKM, AUG A3, M16A4, M249, M416, Ots-14 Groza, SCAR-L, Tommy Gun,
  • Submachine guns: Micro UZI, UMP9, Vector
  • Shotguns: S12K, S1897, S686, sawn-off shotgun
  • Sniper rifles: AWM, carbine 98 short, M24, mini 14, Mk14 EBR, SKS, Winchester Model 1894
  • Guns and revolvers: P18C, P1911, P92, R45
  • crossbow
  • Melee weapons: crowbar, machete, pan, sickle

New with 1.0 is the revolver R45 (replaces the R1895), the repeating sniper rifle Winchester Model 1894 and the sawn-off shotgun. All weapons are exclusive to the Miramar card.

Interactive PUBG map Miramar: The best spawn points and locations for weapons, cars and loot

As with the Erangel map, the guys from went back to work to put an interactive Battlegrounds map for Miramar online. The project is more than just impressive: You can zoom almost infinitely and infinitely, set markers and choose from numerous filters. The flight route can be shown as well as possible spawn points for weapons, vehicles, boats and loot

With the help of the map you can search for cars, weapons or loot – depending on what you need. However, keep in mind that you cannot filter the categories any further. Motorcycles, cars, jeeps or buggies can hide behind a vehicle symbol. The same applies to weapons and other loot

Battlegrounds-Miramar map: tips for strategies and the right jump from the plane

PUBG Miramar Map Tips and Tricks

Thanks to the random flight route, it is of course not possible to identify the ideal starting point in PUBG. A good start is as follows: Get the most out of the things in your arsenal, get a quick overview and plan your route during the parachute jump. But there are a handful of other tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Use your parachute sooner or later – depending on how far you want to get from your take-off point before landing. You can glide a kilometer or two, depending on how early you open your parachute.
  • As a more defensive player, you can try this tactic: Go to a remote point on the map with a high vehicle spawn probability. Get behind the wheel and dash to an area with high loot volume that is as far away from any battlefield as possible. This will give you about five to seven minutes to loot if we assume that the first blue ring will appear after five minutes and that you then have some time until it reaches the white safe zone.
  • Resist the charm and prefer not to start your adventure in larger settlements without a plan. There is often a high volume of players there, so you may bite into the virtual grass faster than you’d like (not that it would ever be a good thing)
  • Avoids natural bottlenecks such as bridges and similar structures. There are regular encounters between numerous players, which is why you can often get ambushed. A prime example of this is the De Toro Bridge in Valle del Mar. The city offers ample equipment and cover for ambushes and is one of the two entrances to the island.

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