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If you find yourself in an area far from the safe zone, it can’t hurt to have the locations of cars in your head. But it would be best not to hit the mark so far: Who knows where the best starting points in Battlegrounds are has a clear advantage.

In this guide you will find out what you can find in which areas of the map and how you can use it most effectively. Happy hunting!

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Battlegrounds Map explains: Tips for using the map

The Battlegrounds map is more complicated and yet more useful than you might think at first. Before we introduce concrete strategies, however, you will find a picture of the entire playing card below and some things you should know about it:

What you should know about the PUBG map:

  • Each quadrant measures one square kilometer, each smaller one (which cannot be seen in the picture) 100 square meters. The land mass is thus around 36 square kilometers.
  • Although the map is extremely detailed, it lacks two or three structures of the game world. The most striking feature is the absence of the underground bunker complex, which is located on F4 (the second quadrant from the right and the fourth from the top). So don’t be surprised if not all the peculiarities of the environment are listed on the map.
  • Not a big surprise, but different areas have different spawn points for weapons, vehicles and loot. So keep in mind that you will find better equipment in certain areas than in others and plan your route accordingly.
  • Within these areas with a high pawn frequency there are areas in which numerous weapons can be found. Plan a trip there if you want to get into the more dangerous zones.
  • From the moment the aircraft drops you (whose route is always random but always linear), you can glide up to 1.25 kilometers with your parachute. If you activate it earlier, there is even a range of up to 2 kilometers.
  • By pressing the right mouse button you can set markings on the map. These allow more effective coordination within your team or allow you to keep your personal goals in mind as much as possible. So use them regularly! You can also use the compass to move around in a more targeted manner.

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Interactive PUBG map: the best spawn points and locations for weapons, cars and loot

While the in-game map is already extremely helpful, a few particularly passionate fans spent the nights to put this interactive Battlegrounds map online. The project is more than just impressive: You can zoom almost infinitely and infinitely, set markers and choose from numerous filters. The flight route can be shown as well as possible spawn points for weapons, vehicles, boats and loot.

A non-interactive, but hardly less useful alternative comes from Imgur user ShatterNL . This is essentially a pimped-up version of the ingame map, which now also shows weapon, loot and vehicle spawn points.

With one or both cards you can search for cars, weapons or loot – depending on what you need. However, keep in mind that you cannot filter the categories any further. Motorcycles, cars, jeeps or buggies can hide behind a vehicle symbol. The same applies to weapons and other loot.

Battlegrounds map: strategies and the right jump from the plane

The random route goodness it is not possible, of course, the one to identify the ideal starting point in PUBG. A good start is as follows: Get the most out of the things in your arsenal, get a quick overview and plan your route during the parachute jump. But there are a handful of other tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Use your parachute sooner or later – depending on how far you want to get from your take-off point before landing. You can glide a kilometer or two, depending on how early you open your parachute.
  • As a more defensive player, you can try this tactic: Go to a remote point on the map with a high probability of vehicle spawn. Get behind the wheel and dash to an area with high loot volume that is as far away from any battlefield as possible. This will give you about five to seven minutes to loot if we assume that the first blue ring will appear after five minutes and that you then have some time until it reaches the white safe zone.
  • Resist the charm and prefer not to start your adventure in larger settlements. There is often a high volume of players there, so you may bite into the virtual grass faster than you’d like (not that it would ever be a good thing).
  • Avoids natural bottlenecks such as bridges and similar structures. There are regular encounters between numerous players, which is why you can often get ambushed. A prime example of this is the southern military base. Loot beckons there, but your opponents also know that and most of them flock to the island via one of the two bridges.
  • The underground bunker in field F4 is not shown on the in-game map, but it contains a considerable number of weapons and loot. If there are no major fights in the surrounding area, you can catch prey comparatively easily and unseen, since you can get away from most players in the underground area.
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