PUBG kr version APK Install

PUBG kr version APK Install

As the PUBG game also known as the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was removed from both play store as well as the App store due to the national dispute between India and China. This news was quite shocking for many players who reside in India. The ban of this game made the players divested. If any of you reader is a big fan of the PUBG game then you would be able to recall the situation easily. In response, there were many alternatives launched that can provide the players with the same fun as they used to enjoy in the PUBG game. One such alternative we are going to discuss today in this article this alternative is known as the PUBG mobile Korean version. This alternative is been used by a lot of people in India. As per those people, the version is quite similar to be used. Let us know more about the version in brief. Before we can move to the steps to download the game and enjoy it let us discuss the game so the player can have more clarity on this.

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This version of PUBG game is not available on the official site and this a special edition made available to download for the people not able to enjoy the real game. Many people are asking about the KR version of PUBG game. In a short term, I can say people are searching for this in the platform of Google. This alternative is nothing just the Korean version of the original PUBG game. This article will inform you all about its specification, the simple steps involved to download and install this game on your respective smartphones and also about the gameplay which is something players are always looking forward. One of the best things that we notice in the PUBG game is that it has separate edition being mentioned as per the location in which the player is been playing from.

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The game also has an international edition. Not only one but a few as per the demand around the globe.  There are many countries which have banned international version of PUBG based on different reasons been noticed. This was done due to the pandemic recently going on. There is the reason that the COVID-19 virus was due to the country China in the response to that the countries have initiated this step. The PUBG Korean version is available for download both for the android as well as the iOS users. The respective link is been provided from where the game can be easily downloaded. The play store and apple store links can be downloaded only in japan and Korean which is a problem for sure. Let’s see some of the features being highlighted:

  1. The Korean edition of the PUBG game is compatible with most of the smart devices which add an advantage. There is no issue if you are an active android user or an iPhone user or is running the older version the game will be easily supported. You just need to download the game and install it properly.
  2. Mostly it is seen that whenever the clone version of any game is downloaded then there is the issue of bugs that can be harmful to your device. But with this APK version, there is no such issue.
  3. In the original PUBG game, there are many extra things quite awesome to use but the only problem is that you need to pay for these while in this Korean APK version you would get many things such as free skins, clothes and many other items for free.
  4. As a lot of PUBG player already know that there is special currency been used in the game of PUBG. Also, in the Korean edition, there is a special currency too. This currency can be used to buy stuff like weapons, clothes and many other things.

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Now let us see the steps that can be used to download the Korean edition of the PUBG game:

  1. Firstly, you need to click on the provided link to download the APK file of the Korean edition of PUBG game. Just click on the link kindly click on the link to download the latest version.
  2. Link: PUBG Mobile India Version Apk Download For Android Users (
  3. Once you got the APK file which was recently downloaded kindly transfer it in the file management section.
  4. After this open the file and give the necessary permission. The next thing will be to install the program for this click on the install button.
  5. The installation process will begin shortly by its own. It will take 2-3 mins to complete.
  6. After creating the separate folder and transfer the game there.
  7. Double-tap on the game to open it and then enjoy the platform and its features.


The game of PUBG is been missed so much so now you can enjoy the Korean version and enjoy the same specifications. I hope the article was able to provide you with some information. 


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