How to Participate in PUBG Global Championship

There was a time when the biggest market of PUBG was in India. The game has however been banned in the country by the government of India in September 2020. From that time PUBG cooperation has been trying to relaunch the game back into the country. But no success has been achieved to the cooperation from that as the government of India was not accepting any of their requests to do so. Well, all this has not prevented the organization from launching one of the biggest global tournaments. The business is currently hosting the event in the upcoming days and with that, the event will be live telecast worldwide which is surely great news for all the PUBG players out there. And with the ending of the PUBG Mobile World, the Director of PUBG Mobile Esports James Yang has made quite an amazing statement which revealed some important tips about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

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While it is clear that the PMGC event is going to be the biggest as well as most awaited Mobile Esports tournament going to be held this year. Till now many of you must be clear that today’s article will be based on the PUBG Global Championship and the procedure through which the players can participate in the same. Well if you are someone who is crazy about the game and associated information then kindly read the article till the very end as there is going to be a list of almost everything that you need in here. At first, we are going to look at the format in which the event is going to be organised so that the player gets a glimpse of the upcoming event through imagination.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 Format:

The event of PUBG Global Championship takes place every year and thus the year 2021 is not going to be an exception. In the PMGS 2021 the teams from all over the world with the title of the World Champion. Well till now no official announcement has been made regarding the number of teams from India that have managed to earn the ticket to participate in the PMGS 2021. To do that there is enough time left as the BGMI is quite identical to the game of PUBG and you know what will be more exciting than that would be able to see India’s top team performing in the global event. This would be quite similar to PMGC season zero where the tournament will be held in two stages the first one will be league while the other one will be finals. The league final will be mostly conducted in November or else in the last week of December 2021. However, the finals are expected to be held in January 2022. This recognised event is conducted for the PUBG Mobile Pro League all over the world. And in this, the players will be allowed to participate directly based on the total points acquired in the 2 seasons.

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Furthermore, PMPL rational championships such as the PMPL EMEA and PMPL SEA will be serving as the qualifier for the PMGC. BGMI needs to be held as the tournaments ASAP if they want the Indian candidate to participate on the world level stage. However, the teams that did not participate in PMPL can still manage to achieve the ticket through the Rational Championship. The detailed information regarding the team and the number of slots will be announced later.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 Prize Pool:

PUBG Mobile Global Championship will be offering a massive prize pool of USD 6,000,000. This is however the biggest prize ever offered in the prize pool in the history of Mobile Esport. This is almost triple the prize pool offered in PMGC season zero. This is the largest prize pool that all the PUBG Mobile tournaments in 2020 have been combined. This is however 5 million dollars. PMCO fall is being split 2021 is also coming very soon with a total prize pool of around 2 million USD. This is however most likely that our country India will also have its version of this very tournament. This has been confirmed if the very upcoming PMGC will be a live event. The Tencent company is trying hard to hold the very PMGC 2021 as an offline event but in this, there is too much uncertainty due to the pandemic to guarantee anything at this point. They would surely be more careful this year after several players have been tested positive for COVID-19 during last year finals of the PMGC. This however was initially decided to be organised in the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai which is in the United Arab Emirates from Jan 21st to 24th in 2021. This was just a day before it was going to begin where 3 players were tested positive for COVID-19 and they had to play from their hotel room afterwards.   

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I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers out there.   

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