PUBG Glider Tips

Motor gliders have arrived at PUBG. These airborne vehicles allow players to quickly traverse maps and fly through the sky, making them an ideal option to have if you need to flee from nearby enemies or get past the blue circle. You can find ten of them at any time on the maps.

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As you can imagine, the Motor Glider will not be available on all maps. If you want to cut the air on board, you will have to go to Erangel or Miramar . You can then find 10 in total, spread over several predetermined areas.

Initially, you had a 100% chance of finding a motor glider in these areas. However, for the release on live servers, the number of zones where they can appear has been increased from 10 to 40. You will therefore have a 25% chance of finding one in a zone each game. Obviously, as soon as these areas are known, we will indicate them to you.

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HOW pubg glider WORKS ?

Now that we know where to find power gliders, we should look at how they work, starting with fuel consumption. First, be aware that they appear on the map with an empty tank , so you’ll need to find a gas canister first. Then the fuel consumption will vary depending on the speed. So do not drive with your foot to the ground, otherwise you will quickly run out of fuel.

Piloting precisely, let’s talk about it. The motor glider has two seats, one of which is for the pilot. To make it take off, you must first reach a speed of 65 km / h on the ground. Once in the air, there is no maximum altitude you can fly at. However, the higher you are, the more power the engine will lose.

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PUBG Glider Tips and Tricks

  • PUBG Motor Gliders contains two seats in which one player would drive and the other one would sit along with him.
  • The second player, if he/she has the weapon can shoot the enemies while sitting in the glider. So, the second player is completely free to shoot on this seat.
  • The glider or plane would not take off from the ground until it touches the speed of 65km/hour.
  • You can always pitch towards up the plane but if you don’t want to pitch it upwards than it will automatically take off the ground once you reach the speed of 70km/hr. So, glider can be useful as a ground vehicle as well but it is not very much efficient.
  • The PUBG glider also consumes fuel, if you increase the speed than it will consume more fuel.
  • If glider has very little fuel left, then take precautions in applying too much throttle.
  • You can fly the glider as much high as you want but the engine will start losing power at higher space

Despite the developers making things a little more complicated, the PlayerIGN data miner worked hard to go through the files and find what they could. PlayerIGN shared these locations in a tweet breaking down the 40 potential spawns a power glider can appear on.

You can have these maps while you and your friends roam these iconic locations. The locations are outside of the map, which means if you want to get there you have to plan your drops accordingly and hope you can find fuel along the way. If you don’t, your bird won’t get too far off the ground, and you may find yourself running away from the blue circle rather than soaring in the sky. It is a formidable risk with many rewards.

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