PUBG Controls Claws Vs Thumbs & Claw with Gyro

PUBG Controls Claws Vs Thumbs & Claw with Gyro

PUBG is a very interesting game to be played. This is the reason the game has a huge fan following across the globe. In this article, we are going to discuss the topic of PUBG mobile thumb control which is proven to be the best control to play this very game. Here there would a proper comparison of all the things related to the game. Some of the most recognized perspectives that we will look upon that will make the game more dynamic, more comfortable, easier to be understood as well as play. So, if you are someone who is having the same set of doubts in your mind then this is the article for you to keep reading.

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What is Thumb control:

The first thing we will discuss is the normal control which is set by default once you open the game. The thumb controller is more likely used as a default control icon that we get on the PUBG mobile. This is mostly used by a set of new players who has just started playing the game PUNG for fun and are yet to discover all the difficulties ahead. Once they can understand the game a little bit, they will discover the other controls to be used precisely. So, these controls are meant for all the beginner to understand the initial playing pattern are not likely used by a lot of pro player. But one thing is a bit clear to be understood that when we are fighting the pro thumb player and the pro claw control player then it is quite obvious that the claw control player has more chances to win. This is mainly because his controls have a lot of ability that can perform many actions at the same time as that compare to the other one. Some of the actions are worth mentioning such as he can jump and shoot at the same time, peak and shoot and also the scope and shoot at the same time as well. While the thumb control player is proven to be somewhat slow in carrying out most of the actions. Well, this difference can be just seconded by yes it means lit when a fight is going on.

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Let’s see the advantages as well as disadvantages of thumb control:

Advantages of Thumb Control:

  1. Easy to be used or controlled: Thumb control has always been described as something quite easy to control. These are easy to be used and cause damage.
  2. Comfortable: Thumbs controls are comfortable to be used and this is more likely as we are using two thumbs at the same time so even after playing for a long time, we don’t feel any kind of pain.
  3. The learning is easy with the use of thumbs: If you want to teach anyone controls this is the easiest one to be done at first
  4. Friendly control: This is quite a familiar control for most of the players thus is proven to be friendly even for beginners as well as experts.

Disadvantages of Thumb Control:

  1. The thumb controls are not so dynamic in the first place
  2. These controls require a great need of efforts to be completed
  3. This is not considered to be used by the player who fights to win
  4. This is friendly control but act as an enemy in the very own game

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What is Claw control:

Now we will talk about the other type of control known as the claw control. The first and the most important thing about this control is that it is quite hard to be learnt in the first place but if once you are successful in mastering it then there would be a lot of chicken dinners for sure. Claw controls comprise of some types like 3-finger claw, 4 fingers, 5 finger and also 9 fingers. Also, in this control, the size of your button icon mostly depends on the screen and of course your claw button type. The 4-finger claw is been used the most mainly by all the pro player out there. In this, the player can perform four actions at the same time like peak, jump, shoot and scope the time. The gameplay that is been observe while playing with this control is quite satisfactory for sure. This is why it is complex and awesome at the very same time.

Let’s see the advantages as well as disadvantages of claw control:

Advantages of Claw Control:

  1. It can more dynamic gameplay to the players. As this control is difficult it needs a lot of practice to be learned in the very first place.
  2. This control is mainly designed in such a manner that it increases the overall winning percentage of the player
  3. These controls are not easily adaptable as the thumb ones but make the task much easier once used.

Disadvantages of Claw Control:

  1. This control is not easy to learn as its kind of complex in the very first place
  2. This is not as comfortable as the thumb controls. Player are not used to it for a very long time
  3. It’s difficult to be learned and much harder to be executed within the game

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Both the controls thumb as well as claw has their application in the game. Well, which one the players use is totally upon the sills and practice he possesses. I hope the articles help.


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