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About Propnight

Greetings, friends! I’ve returned with another game review. Propnight is a graphically pleasing blend of Dead by Daylight and the Prop-Hunter mod. Our objective is to be dead by daybreak. For those unfamiliar, the survivors must fix five tools before opening the exit doors and escaping, while the murderer must either kill all of the survivors or delay until time runs out. We can morph into objects as we’ve seen in earlier prop-hunting activities in the game. Of course, we have assassins who are capable of doing this. There are now 5 murderers in the game, but I believe that number will grow with time.

Features of the Propnight Cheat Menu:

  • Unlock all of the skins (just select them and go back)
  • Make up a fake profile name (yes, you will play with my nickname)
  • ESP for Survivors
  • ESP that kills
  • Lines to die for
  • ESP Propmachine
  • Added a graphical user interface (INS to open)
  • MedKit spawns
  • Camera of the Spawn
  • Potion of Spawn
  • Energy Drink Spawn
  • Book of Spawns
  • Changing the field of view
  • You have the option to unban yourself.
  • TPP/FPP switch added for killer;

Propnight Cheat Menu Keybinds :

  • [F3] Boost your endurance
  • [F4] Repair in a flash (in 3-4 sec)
  • [F5] Drop coins (u may have like 10k coins)
  • [F6] Self-healing in a flash
  • [F7] All players are instantly healed.
  • [F8] Completely repair all propmachines (hold 5 sec)
  • [F9] Insta break the chains from the grip of the hands (and stun killer)
  • [F10] Form match for instant escape (buggy)
  • Speedhack [Shift]
  • [Alt] Turn off collision detection.

Keybindings that kill

  • [F2] Insta-assault
  • [F3] x15600 damage multiplier
  • [F4] Increase the attack radius by 1000.
  • [F5] Teleport to the chair and place the survivor there.
  • Speedhack [Shift]

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Limit the Overcharge of an Imposter to a Smaller Area

The Imposter has been regarded as a particularly powerful Killer by gamers since the game’s inception. Propnight has gone back and forth with Imposter nerfs, first increasing the cooldown of his “Prop” ability to 7 seconds, only to lower it to 5 seconds in Patch 1.0.10. While his ability to transform into props and other Survivors is annoying, his true strength lies in his “Overcharge” ability, which overcharges all unrepaired Propmachines and improves movement speed for repaired machines.

When this ability is activated, Imposter can no longer see the silhouettes of Survivors standing near Propmachines via the map. However, the reality remains that no other Killer has an ability that covers the whole map. When fighting the Imposter, limiting the Imposter’s Overcharge ability to a specific radius would make it much simpler to repair Propmachines.

Getting Rid of Door Stuns

As a Survivor, nothing is more irritating than closing the door on the Killer only to be pushed down or, worse, see the Killer apparently phase through the door. On the other hand, as a Killer, it might be annoying to see oneself securely beyond the door’s reach on your screen, only to be shocked by a Survivor. Smoothing out the door stunning mechanisms across the board would go a long way toward making the game seem more balanced for both Killers and Survivors.

While in Astral, disable Granny’s attack.

Granny, in addition to Imposter, was another Killer that caused Survivors a lot of misery. Granny’s “Mine” ability has subsequently been nerfed by Propnight, who now only allows her to use one charge to plant her floating knife wherever on the map. While this has undoubtedly improved the game, what was more baffling was a nerf to Granny that was then reversed one patch later.

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Automatically Open Doors For The Last Survivor

Many Propnight players from the Dead By Daylight community have wondered why there isn’t a “hatch” mechanism in the game. When there is just one Survivor left in Dead By Daylight, an escape hatch that sprouted randomly on the map immediately opens, allowing the lone Survivor to flee quickly.

Because the maps in Propnight are so tiny, adding a concealed “hatch” would be difficult, but with so many exit doors so close together, the Killer can easily circle the Doors and discover the Last Survivor. The difficulty of winning as Last Survivor might be alleviated by increasing the pace at which Last Survivor unlocks doors, or perhaps having them open automatically.

Reduce the duration of Banshee’s Scream’s cooldown.

In a game like Propnight, proper balancing improvements include more than merely nerfing powerful Killers like Imposter and Granny. Weaker Killers may also benefit from some tweaking. While Banshee is a well-rounded Killer in general, lowering the cooldown of her Scream might make it more useful as a skill. Scream, like Igor’s Soda Bomb, might be used to uncover disguised Survivors if it had a shorter cooldown. Scream’s damage output might be nerfed at the same time to compensate for too many unfair knockdowns.

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