Propnight 2.0 monumental update

Propnight which is one of the most recent popular games has now lot of popularity among the gamers. Propnight is consistently updating its features and according to the latest update 2.0 monumental update rolling out on PC (steam), it has introduced new killer mechanic, new survivor items, new survivor mechanic, new FPS system and more.

As there were some gaming issues with the last update and gamers were facing problems, propnight has now fix all the problems and issues with the introduction of Propnight 2.0 monumental update and lots of new features has also been added to propnight gameplay with the introduction of propnight 2.0 monumental update. Check out the below new features and updation that can be now noticed in the propnight gameplay:

Propnight 2.0 Monumental Update, Features and Patch Notes

  • New Killer mechanic – Store! With the assist of it, Killers are actually capable of buy diverse gadgets that cause them to more potent the use of cash they earn in the course of a in shape
  • New Survivor mechanic – a preference among random gadgets whilst beginning the Chest!
  • A new Survivor object – Building Set! With the assist of it, Survivors are actually capable of construct timber barricades which Killers could have to interrupt to head thru
  • Unlocked FPS!
  • Gameplay – Hard Mode become eliminated because it can be offset with the aid of using purchases from the Store
  • Gameplay – every misplaced Survivor will increase the quantity of cash earned for different Survivors with the aid of using 20%
  • Gameplay – Killer stun synchronization become improved
  • Gameplay – as soon as the Exit Doors are open, the most spherical time is decreased to at least one minute
  • Gameplay – now there’s Overtime for beginning Exit Doors, and 30 seconds are introduced to the timer whilst the Exit Doors are opened
  • Killers – constant that from time to time it become not possible to interrupt a Prop Machine and that repeated tries to interrupt a Prop Machine may want to destroy controls
  • Killers – constant Killers widening upon being greatly surprised with the aid of using a prop and Closable Doors concurrently
  • Killers – constant the opportunity of Killers’ animations breaking if a Survivor they have been sporting would depart the in shape
  • Akasha – Blade Dance can now harm Closable Doors
  • Akasha – Blade Dance can now be used to climb up/down the stairs; the take advantage of that allowed Akasha to fly ahead an extended distance if Blade Dance become used whilst transferring down from a peak become eliminated
  • Banshee – constant and take advantage of that allowed Banshee to transport quicker even as combining leaping and Flight
  • Banshee – Scream can now no longer harm Closable Doors
  • Banshee – now the development of the cursed Prop Machine will now no longer be expanded if Survivors hit the white sector of the ability check
  • Granny – constant Hunt degree boom even as throwing knives at a Survivor on Hypnochair
  • Impostor – constant that a third-character digital digicam might be caught if F and RMB have been pressed on the equal time even as Impostor become withinside the prop shape
  • Impostor – constant Impostor turning into invisible to different gamers whilst clicking LMB and RMB on the equal time
  • Impostor – constant that once urgent F and the Disguise hotkeys on the equal time, the Impostor disguised as a Survivor might forestall responding to any player’s actions
  • Impostor – in fashionable, diverse insects associated with the simultaneous urgent of various keys were constant
  • Survivors – Survivors can now no longer dash backward

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