Popularity Annual Gala PUBG 2.9

Hey PUBG Mobile enthusiasts! Get ready because the 2.9 update has just rolled out, and it’s bringing something super exciting your way – the PUBG Mobile Popularity Annual Gala. This event is like the icing on the cake of the already beloved battle royale game. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what this gala is all about.

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Event NamePUBG Mobile Popularity Annual Gala
Start DateNovember 10
Registration PeriodNovember 10 – November 14
Battle PeriodNovember 15 – December 15
Late RegistrationAvailable during the combat period
RewardsHonor Title, Honor Name Tag, Honor Avatar Frame
EligibilityPopularity Level 3, Player Level 2
Battle Format10 rounds, each lasting three days, matched with players of similar skill levels
Point SystemWinner claims half of opponent’s points
Battle LevelPlayers can increase their Battle Level by engaging in battles
Ladder GradesSix grades: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C
Ladder DynamicsTop 20 promoted, middle 60 retain, bottom 20 relegated
Retention StrategyAim for a rank higher than the retention threshold

What’s the Buzz About?

When’s the Party Starting?

The Popularity Annual Gala kicks off on November 10, right after the 2.9 update finishes its rollout on November 9. Here’s how the dates are lining up:

  • Registration Period: November 10 to November 14
  • Battle Period: November 15 to December 15

Missed the Registration? No Worries!

If you couldn’t register during the initial phase, you can still jump in during the battle period. Your registration time decides which matchmaking group you’ll be thrown into for the next round.

What’s in It for You? The Rewards!

Participating in the event could land you some cool stuff:

  • Honor Title
  • Honor Name Tag
  • Honor Avatar Frame

Your rewards depend on where you end up in the Final Showdown rank and your ladder grade.

Getting Into the Gala: The Rules and How-To


To enter, you need to reach a Popularity Level of 3 and be at least at Player Level 2.

The Battle Plan

The event unfolds in ten rounds, each lasting three days. You’ll be matched with players of similar skill levels.

The Popularity Battle

Here’s the fun part. You battle it out, and if you win, you nab half of your opponent’s points. These Battle Points are a mix of Basic Points and Looted Points.

Level Up Your Game

Just like you climb ranks in regular PUBG Mobile, you can boost your Battle Level by engaging in these battles.

The Ladder System

Your popularity after the first round sets your starting ladder grade in the Assignment Round. The ladder has six grades: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C – with SSS being the top-dog level.

Strategy for the Ladder

In the assignment round, aim high but remember, you can only move up or down one tier at a time.

The Ladder Dynamics

Each ladder has 100 spots. The top 20 get promoted, the middle 60 stay put, and the bottom 20 face relegation. You want to be above the retention threshold when the ladder results are tallied.

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  1. What is the PUBG Mobile Popularity Annual Gala?

    It's an exciting event in PUBG Mobile, introduced in the 2.9 update, where players compete in popularity battles.

  2. When does the Gala start and end?

    The event starts on November 10 and the battles run until December 15.

  3. Can I join the event if I miss the initial registration?

    Absolutely! You can register during the battle period and be assigned to the next round’s matchmaking group.

  4. What rewards can I earn from this event?

    Players can earn rewards like Honor Title, Honor Name Tag, and Honor Avatar Frame, based on their performance.

  5. How does the ranking system work in the Gala?

    Players are ranked in a ladder system with six grades, from C to SSS, based on their popularity and battle performance.

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