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When we talk about Pokemon then it is kind of known to everybody that it is a popular franchise that has the largest and most specific prolific fandoms across the world. Several original games have been released by Nintendo but there are some fans around who are not still satisfied and thus wanted much more adventures inside. To fulfil that the game underwent a great but amazing transformation. This surely will be a surprise for all the active players around the globe. You would be able to find a lot of Pokemon Rom hacks over the internet but there are few which are more fascinating than the normal ones. In search of that here we Present you today’s article in which you will be encountering the most amazing Pokemon Rom hacks. We have constantly updated the article with the latest updates and with time will be adding many more things within. Kindly read the article till the end to know all the important information. The below-mentioned information has been gathered from various resources such as Youtube, Reddit, Pokemon Community, Facebook, Twitter and even from b]various official released blogs on different websites. Now, let us start without wasting any more time. 

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#1. Pokemon Sors:

This is an amazing Pokemon rom Hack that has been used by a lot of active players over years. That is the reason we would like to recommend this hack to all the new players as well as to those players who have not used this hack before. This hack is not only related to just catching all Pokemon but also about compelling the stories and tons of content such as side quests. This mainly keeps the players entertained for hours. The Eclipse-type feature is present only in limited Pokemon. But with up to Gen 7 which covers around 700+ pokemon and 40+ eclipse-type.

Notable features are:

  1. There is a special or physical split available
  2. Presence of day and night cycle
  3. The soaring feature

#2. Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma:

This Pokemon Rom hack is greatly known to bring different takes on the Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. However it is possible that stories can be slightly different but the majority of elements are the same, just altered over time. The spires as well the animation can be updated as compared to the original games but the look is always quite identical. This hack is also known to be quite ambitious so there is a possibility that you may encounter some bugs in between. The Mega evolution has been added with that the trading evolution has been removed from time to time.     

Notable features are:

  1. The Gym leaders across the various region can be battled again
  2. You will be able to encounter EV and IV stats
  3. The battle frontier locations are available over all the places.

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#3. Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev:

Most of you reading this article must be already aware that Theta Emerald Renev is the updated version of Emerald X: the game was earlier started in 2018. Here about 700 pokemon were catchable and over here and surprisingly in Theta emerald Renev has the same form of feature enabled. Can you imagine how amazing that is?.

There are still several other features available that the Renev can brag about. Many of you might already know that with the mega evolution of primal reversion. The feature is however kind of function within the game.  

Notable features are:

  1. There are new pokemon
  2. New forms are available
  3. New items, Areas well moves present
  4. 120 TMS and HMS
  5. Mega Evolution available

#4. Pokemon Ultra Violet:

This hack is known as FireRed. So in many cases, the same story has been followed. This Rom hack however allows the players to capture all pokemon because the creator has already unlocked all the pokemon that can be caught from both FireRed and LeafGreen. They have also added the pokemon from generation 2 and several others from generation 3. Another important appeal is that this game will also be allowing one to catch their starter pokemon rather than choosing it from Bulbasaur, Chramander or Squirtle. 

Notable features are:

  1. Can also evolve pokemon that is mostly evolving through trading
  2. One can catch all available pokemon from the game
  3. Unlocking more areas that are available within

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#5. Pokemon Blazed Glazed:

This hack has several versions available within the game. One can use any of the available as p[er the requirements. Most of the time it is quite identical with several features added up. In terms of the story, it is kind of the same as several others included. This game in the first place doesn’t have any alter stats, moves or even more. The other thing was the same with the wild pokemon spawns differently making it kind of interesting than before. 

Notable features are:

  1. There are stat and move change availability
  2. Pokemon ranges are made available from generation II as well as III
  3. You can choose from five starting pokemon

Conclusion: I hope the information available was useful for my readers

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