Play PUBG unsupported Device

Play PUBG unsupported Device

The game PUBG has been quite the sensation since it was launched globally. One can probably say that this game brought a huge change to the gaming world and players enjoy this game to the very extent. While many players expected this game to be available virtually for all the androids users who are having quite nicely running smartphones. But there was an error message popping up again and again that the device is not supported. Many of the players encountered this issue while trying to download the game from the play store of their respective devices. The main problem here is that there is a huge range of capable devices that are not supported yet. While the developers are working to extend the overall capabilities. But this minor glitch that keeps on coming has made many eager players switch over to third-party apps to enjoy the PUBG gaming experience.

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These third-party solutions are never advisable but still work and that is the reason players choose this way to get the things done that are not achieved legally. Now by a third party, the most common way that players use is running the PUBG game using an emulator. There is a proper guide mentioned on the internet to use this and in this article, I will be covering some important parts of it too. But if someone wants to run the game on the mobile and does not want anything to do with the PC workaround then what can be done. Well, the answer is quite simple to understand. For this, there are a total of two ways available but there is surely no guarantee available in any one of these. By guarantee I mean there are chances that you may encounter a glitch and there are chances that you may not. Well, that depends. Also if you are someone who is looking for 100% support then kindly wait for the developers to increase the capability or maybe use another device. Now let’s drive into the ways that can be used. Kindly read the whole article to be more clear and specific.

Option 1: Kindly download the third-party links

This option is considered faster than all other ways available. As here you are not required to go all around the Google play store where the device is analysed. Just go through the browser search for the link, choose a website that is mostly used and then download the link. After doing this you are required to enable the installation of APK from third-party platforms. Also kindly be aware of the corrupted APK as they could carry some virus that will destroy your system. To do so Google scan is something that one can rely on and it would prevent the corrupted applications from getting downloaded.

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Option 2: Trick Google by confusing it that you have a different phone

This option can be chosen if your device is rooted and the whole idea of using the third-party app gives you goosebumps then this is the one you can make use of. As you can use the Buildprop editor to change your phone details. Kindly follow the steps written down below.

  1. At first download the BuildProp Editor by going to the google play store
  2. Now open the app and then granted superuser permission as that is kind of important
  3. After this click on the edit option which is available in form of a pen
  4. After this just look for the line describing your device model. In here kindly change the value to the model name to a supported device. For this, you can find the device PUBG game support on the web.
  5. Just after this save and exit
  6. Now switch off your device and then restart the device again and then try installing the game again. I hope there will not be a warning popping out again.

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I hope the information helps all my readers out there.    


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