How to play pubg on linux, ubuntu

How to play pubg on linux, ubuntu

PUBG has become the most popular and played game in recent memory. The number of gamers is steadily rising. It drew the attention of all battle royale fans on Android and PC at first. We’re now going to teach you how to play PUBG on Ubuntu and Kali Linux.

Following then, it became the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Now, in order to gain greater popularity among players, they have released a version of the game for mobile platforms, which is available on both iOS and Android and is called as PUBG mobile. It is self-contained:

  • Servers that are exclusively yours.
  • Features should be updated.
  • Schedules for each season.

This new launch has been a success, particularly in places where the number of Xbox or PlayStation 4 users is low, such as South Korea.

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Even with all of these accomplishments, certain gamers throughout the world remain unable to participate. The game’s makers have yet to release a PUBG Linux version, and there are no plans to do so anytime soon. The likelihood of these users enjoying the game are slim.

This question has recently been a big topic on the internet, with many debating whether or not the game can be played on Linux.

The Emulator is a new technology that many of us have heard of. Many debaters ask whether it is feasible to execute it utilizing the new technology/software accessible today since this is utilized to allow a platform to run a program from another platform.

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How to Play PUBG/PUBG Mobile on Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and other Linux Distributions

Keep in mind that the producers of PUBG Mobile launched an official version of Emulator form called Tencent Gaming Buddy in 2018. The window user may now play it on their PC as if it were any other PC game. This was created for those users, particularly those who are unable to afford the $14 PC edition of the game. From the developer’s perspective, there is no specific sort of release for users.

Using WINE to play pubg

These users can use WINE to run most Windows apps on this platform. This is where a ray of hope appears since emulation is also feasible on Linux. The issue now is if this is doable in PUBG or PUBG mobile.

Everything we’ll say here is based on our own personal experience, as we discovered a method to play it with Linux simply for fun. We tried many methods and discovered the following:

  • WINE will not allow you to run the PC version. The degree of Kernal of the anti-cheat tool utilized by the game is the major cause for this. This is referred as Battleye, and it can be seen in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and others. As a result, if you want to play the PC version, you’ll need a dual boot machine; otherwise, there’s no way around it.
  • You can use a virtual machine program, but you’ll need to install Windows OS in the virtual machine environment in order to play the PC version.
  • You may also utilize a streaming service to attempt playing the game, but bear in mind that if you do, the game will have a lot of latency, which will make it run but unplayable at the same time.

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Do you want to give it a shot? Here are the two options.

  • You may play it in a virtual environment using a virtual machine program and VFIO, however, support varies depending on your Linux version. We were unable to test all of the distros since it has so many. With Ubuntu, we tried the same strategy, and guess what? It worked.
  • You may utilize Liquidsky’s or Paperspace’s GPU cloud streaming services.

Streaming Services on the Cloud

For LiquidSky and Paperspace networks to operate, it’s a fantastic alternative to play the PC version on Linux, but you’ll need:

  • Extremely fast.
  • Excellent internet access.

Because the game redirects from another server to your machine, it may take longer, and you may encounter the following issues:

  • Latency problems are lagging.
  • Stutter

If you want to play games without latency while utilizing these cloud services, you’ll need to pay for a monthly membership. We cannot promise that this one will work for you, but we are certain that it will. Keep in mind that this is a multiplayer game, which means that network speed will be a factor. Even if you have the finest internet connection and premium cloud subscription, problems will develop if you use these services to play the game.

Many articles and hypotheses are accessible on the internet, which you may read, but nothing is certain until the creators provide some information.

To play PUBG mobile on a PC, players need Android to PC emulators. They may also make use of:

Player of Nox and LD.

TBG remains the best option. You may now run it using any of the emulators described above.

The issue that may develop while running one emulator via another is a kernel bug.

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Do you play PUBG on your Linux computer?

Playing it on my phone continues to be my personal greatest experience. We haven’t yet found a way to demonstrate how to play PUBG on Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Kali Linux.


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