Penetration testing tools for kali linux


In the current cyber world, cyber criminals are present all over the world to exploit any of the weaknesses of any network or of any online system. World today is going through a coronavirus panic and hackers are looking to exploit the coronavirus fear by using the different technique. To know about the techniques hackers are using, you can also read how hackers use coronavirus phishing mails and how hackers use fake coronavirus apps.

What is Penetration Testing?

In these sorts of circumstances there is a vital need of security and penetration testing is one of the ways of finding vulnerabilities or loopholes in the network structure of any business or corporation. So, Penetration Testing or PEN TEST refers to process used to find out weaknesses in the networks of any system of an organization and once you are able to find out the weaknesses of any system, you can also troubleshoot it.

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The hacking experts and penetration testers are the current requirements of the modern world with the existence of so many companies using online modes for selling their products or services. The rise of digitization also raises the demands of security experts rapidly. If you are willing to be an expert hacker, you are strongly recommended to join some professional ethical hacking training. Practical training on different tools would help you out to enhance your knowledge and skills in cyber security world and it is quite vital before actually using the top penetration testing tools.

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List of Top 5 Penetration Testing Tools For Kali Linux

In the absence of top penetration testing tools, the process of finding vulnerabilities in any network of any company would become a complicated task and it take too many hours or even days to done the work manually. Thus, there is need of automated tools to carry out the pen test process rapidly and efficiently. So, here is the list of top 5 penetration testing tools that most efficiently operates in Kali Linux operating system.

#1. Nmap

Nmap is most often used by ethical hackers to scan any network of a business or of organization.  NMAP is quite a strong and powerful tool allows the security professionals to find out the vulnerabilities in any network such as finding open ports on network, scanning IP address or running different services on networks etc.  It is also use as a valuable scripting engine and if it is properly use can prove to be quite vital.

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#2. Wireshark

Wireshar, an another famous network analysis tool for cyber security professionals is designed to scan packets passing across a network and it is one of the favorite tools for the exploit socket writers for analysis purposes.

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#3. BurpSuite  

Burpsuite is quite handy tool specifically for the web application pen testers. Burpsuite also facilitates the ethical hackers with proxy services and some other vital tools such as repeater, comparer and sequencer. All of the tools are quite useful to save your precious time during the process of penetration testing. The paid version of the tool is also useful if you want to do the work in bulk.

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#4. WPScan

WPScan is specifically for the webmasters who are working with the WordPress websites.  This tool is quite handy to find out the vulnerabilities in different themes, plugins, or in any other files hosted on server. The tool is powerful to search for the usernames within the database, can brute force the admin panel password of the wordpress site and if succeed; it can also enable the shell access to the victim website.


Neessus is another strong and powerful tool for scanning purposes. The tool is available with easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and the tool can scan multiple networks at the same time and find out the open ports and other related vulnerabilities.

Disclaimer:  Using above tools to scan any website or network can sometime a cyber crime, if you don’t have the permission to scan the network. Please ensure that you are aware of the cyber criminal laws of your country before using above tools. We are not responsible if you use the tools for any malicious purpose.

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