Paying Homage To Some Influencial Bloggers.

It’s about time for me to pay homage to some bloggers who have been influential to me on my journey. I’ve been blogging since 2010 and since 2013 I’ve notice a big difference in my blog and I owe it to these bloggers. In this blog post I’m going to showcase these bloggers and what I learned from them. If you’re looking for support and want to improve your statistics, then I suggest that you read on….

It was the middle of 2013 and I’m just frustrated and pretty stressing over pumping out great material. Well at least some type of material.

And you know what?

I was getting traffic, but yet not getting anywhere.

The problem was that I wasn’t in alignment. I was pretty much off course. I was doing the work, but it just wasn’t working out as well as i wanted.

You ever feel like that?

Then I started to meet other bloggers who were doing quite well. So I started following them, taking some of their advice, and applying it.

Then by the end of the year, I made that change for the better and had this epiphany. I applied it and started seeing better results despite the obstacles I ran into.

A lot of the improvements I made is owed to these bloggers I met last year and even ones I met when I first started blogging. So if you’re one that’s looking for great support and need some type of direction, then brace yourself because I’m about to introduce you to some bloggers that are all that and then some!

Top Bloggers You Should Definitely Get To Know

When it comes to blogging, these are the people that first come to mind. They all bring something different that you will benefit from. So without further adieu let me introduce you so that you can get acquainted!

Adrienne Smith:

If you want to learn how to build relationships with people online, then this is the person that you want to go to.

She is labeled the RELATIONSHIP QUEEN, and her blog really shows that. Many people talk about the key to building your business is through rapport and relationship building. But how do you do this? Especially when you’re first starting out with the mindset and focus of just building your business and making money.

Well Adrienne Smith will point you in the right direction. As a matter of fact she wrote an ebook on the subject matter. So by all means, if you want to lay out that foundation with attracting people that you come across, get her ebook and pay attention to how she engage on her blog and on social media.

Harleena Singh:

If you ask me what is one thing I’ve learned from Harleena, I wouldn’t be able to answer.


Because I’ve learned so much from her that naming just one thing would be far from sufficient. Harleena has a multi-niche blog where she talks about anything from establishing a strong relationship with your significant other to how to generate traffic to your blog. And she really go into great detail with each topic. You would be crazy not to take a couple of gold nuggets from her blog posts.

She is also known for great detailed comments. When it comes to commenting on your blog topics, you can count on her to give you a genuine, detailed comment on your topics. You definitely want to visit her blog sometime and get to know her. You will definitely gain a lot from her topics as well as her support on your journey.

Kumar Gauraw:

If you’re a network marketer, then Kumar is the man you must get to know. He has a blog where he share his tips and experiences on building a successful network marketing business. This would include leadership, sales and marketing, branding, building your business online.

I do have to admit that I take his suggestions seriously! He made some suggestions within some of his blog posts that I applied to my own blog. As a result my blog started to look more attractive and I started getting better results. Although I’m currently not in network marketing, it does help to get someone else’s perspective. Especially from Kumar!


When I think of Enstine I think of Albert Einstein’s quote:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

When it comes to imagination and ideas, Enstine takes the cake. Each time I go to his blog he always come up with some great, profitable ideas for monetizing blogs that a lot of us tend to overlook. Many times I thought “How come I didn’t think of that?”.

He also creates apps for blogs. Some of his apps I know of are EasyRetweet, BroadedNet, and MyCommentAuthors. Currently I’m using BroadedNet. The purpose of it is to help you generate traffic without using SEO or Social Media. Can you imagine?

You definitely want to get to know Enstine and visit his blogs to gain what I feel some unprecedented gold nuggets from his ideas and the apps that he created!

Adam Connell:

When it comes to Adam Connell, you will be in for a treat!

Each blog post that I’ve read is packed with a lot of value. And I mean it’s literally packed with a lot value. He definitely is someone that gives you way more than you ask for.

His main topic is on blogging where he also talk about how you can optimize your blog to get the most out of it. He share’s the tools he uses, SEO and Email Marketing strategies, and how to write great content that your readers would want to come back to.

Outside of the tools he uses, he will give you some great alternatives that will also bring you the best results to your blog. So if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend that you visit his blog.

Ryan Biddulph:

Do you really believe that dreams come true?

If you don’t, then you may want to get to know Ryan. I met him around 2010 when I first started blogging. Like the rest of us, he was a struggling blogger.

Then all of a sudden around 2012, he started to blow up. I started to see him everywhere with videos, blogging everyday, and commenting on just about every blog I commented on. Then next thing you know, he left his job and started traveling around the world.

He has a great rags to riches story and a great example that it’s possible to be a successful blogger if you put your mind to it. He also just came out with a great ebook on how he was able to blog around the world called Blogging From Paradise.

Andrew M. Warner:

I just met Andrew Warner a few months ago and I am greatly impress with the content that he shares.

The one post that greatly impressed me was the guest blog post he did on Adrienne Smith’s blog entitled How to Create Loyal Readers That Will Trust And Love You. 

He really emphasizes on how to engage your lists and visitors that come to your blog. He also points out many bloggers mistakes on why they’re not getting any visitors or why they have very low traffic coming to their blog. On his blog you will definitely get both sides of the story and what you can do about it to improve!

Donna Merrill:

When I think about Donna, I think about someone who is outgoing, and very excited about life. You can tell by her content and videos about her enthusiasm.

I love the fact that she’s very enthusiastic about helping people get going using facebook and blogging. As a matter of fact, she inspired me to start back using and engaging in my facebook page again.

One of her products is geared towards helping Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers really get a great start in blogging. 


When I was going to school, English and writing were my weakest subject. As a matter of fact, I still struggle at times.

But when it comes to improving my writing skills, then SylvianeNuccio is one blogger that I go to. Sylviane is a Freelance writer and a Life Coach originally from France. I have learned a lot from her writing tips such as sentence structure, the use of power words to be more direct, words that sell and attract my target market, and much more.

A lot of the topics she talks about many of us tend to overlook. Those “little” things are some of the main reasons why we’re not getting the results that we want. So if anything, SylvianeNuccio is definitely a person that you want to get to know and follow.

Barbara Charles

Me and Barbara Charles have quite a few things in common. We work in IT, we love to dance, we have home businesses, and on top of that we’re bloggers.

If you’re a network marketer, and you’re thinking about bringing your business online but you’re not sure, then I highly recommend that you check out Barbara’s blog. What I like about Barbara is her transparency and she share’s her experiences as a network marketer. She not only shares her successes, but also her failures.

If you want to see how you can transition from doing business offline to doing it online, or maybe you want to learn some urban line dances, then I highly recommend that you visit Barbara’s blog!

Lisa Buben

I joined Twitter around 2009 but I really didn’t do much with it.

Fast forward 5 years later, and on one of my blog posts I had over 800 tweets before I upgraded my theme. This of course had my eyes wide open and gave me a reason to get a bit more familiar with Twitter.

This is where Lisa Comes in! Lisa is what I deem as a Twitter Guru. She is an avid twitter user and she’s up to date with all the changes that Twitter makes, both good and bad.

If you ever want to get more familiar with twitter and how it can help you with your blog and business, then you must check out Lisa Buben’s blog and see what she has to say!

Carol Hoye Amato:

Carol is someone you definitely want to get to know. She hails from Northeast Pennsylvania, and I just found out from her About Me Page that she’s a foodie like me! Yes I would try just about anything 😉

Her main focus is on blogging and commenting, but she also talks about Social Media, generating traffic, mindset and much much more.

A couple of things I love about Carol is her support and the genuine comments she leaves on my blog. For me this shows how much she’s interested in the topic and also how valuable finds them.

But more importantly is the value she has on her blog posts. I really like how she talks about both the technical topics and the personal development topics which she mixes quite well!

Ron “Simplified” Myers:

Ron is my brother from another mother!

I’ve actually got to know him more so over the phone than on his blog and videos. And I’ve actually met him in person and he’s just the same in person as he is in his videos and over the phone.

In regards to mindset, building relationships and thinking positive is what I learned most from Ron. I tell you, when we get on the phone we can talk for hours just on mindset.

And if you have a business, you definitely want to have a mindset geared for a success. A lot of people also skip this, but without it, you’ll either keep making the same mistakes or quit as we all know quite well. So definitely if you want to get your mind aligned, then I highly recommend that you check out Ron’s Blog!

Don Purdum:

When it comes to alignment, Don is another person that finds that vital when you’re trying to grow a business. Especially if you’re trying to grow your business online.

Many of times when I read his blog posts, I have to look into the mirror myself. He makes me ask myself time and time again if I’m aligned with what I really want to do and am I going about it the right way.

Without this alignment there’s no bridge. You get this disconnect even though you may be working really hard on your business. Well Don is the person that helps you get back on track and help you figure out where the disconnection is so you can fix it!

So if you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but yet you’re not going anywhere, then I encourage you to get in touch with Don and check out his blog!

I hope that you enjoyed this post. This is the first time I put together a post like this outside of mentioning influencers from time to time on focused topics on online marketing and blogging.

But I wanted to let all of you know that these are the people that have influenced me a lot and I definitely wanted to give them the recognition that they deserve for being who they are.

And for those of you that I haven’t mentioned here, I want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. You also have been a great influence on me!

Now It’s Your Turn!

When it comes to growing a business, especially a blog, there are quite a number of challenges. The best thing about it is that there are other bloggers who are willing to help as well as be a great influence.

With bloggers like these, not only will they give you support, but the connections you make turn into long lasting friendships.

I to know who are the people who influence you and have helped you along your journey? What did you learn from each of them? Please leave your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading them!

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