OnPage SEO Optimization Ranking Factors

Optimizing page performance can be likened to modifying and tweaking a motor car to get that extra performance that will blow the opposition away, adding to your street cred. Likewise On Page Optimization will add to your web cred.

There are two areas governing page performance, namely on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization relates to factors that are on page, namely

  • 1. Page Title
  • 2. Header Tags, Alt Tags & Meta Tags
  • 3. Bolding, ITIALISING and Underlining
  • 4. Correct Keyword Placement

A good comparison would be to liken on page optimization to having all the basics in place for a solid business. Off page optimization is about where your business is situated, the classic “Location, Location, Location” in conventional marketing speak.

Whilst On Page Optimization is important, it is of little value without decent Off Page Optimization, e.g. the really fantastic, funky little coffee shop that opened up on a neighborhood corner. Without adequate passing by trade this enterprise will struggle, however if one would duplicate this in a busy suburban shopping mall the feet through the door will be there, greatly enhancing the chances of success.

Off Page Optimization refers to off page factors influencing page performance; we will discuss this in more detail in our next article.

On Page SEO Optimization Factors Understanding

Do Proper Keyword Research

It is very important thing; we should use that keywords which are highly searched. For this purpose we can use Google Keyword Planner, where you have to write your desired keyword the rest work it will do for you, after a little moment it will shows you details about your keywords that how much that is being searched per month and in which country it is leading. In addition, it will give you some useful suggestion about post tittle and links as well.

Choose Post Tittle in between 55 Characters

It is very important that we should choose post tittle in between 55 characters or less then it because Google shows 55 words in SERP, if we choose tittle more than fifty five characters then it will never ever shows full post tittle in search result and it will be determined as broken links. In result there are fewer chances to drive organic traffic. There are so many online tools from where you can count words and characters for free.

Use Tittle and Alt Attribute to Optimize Images

Without images article content is lifeless because images give a high level energy to article. Before adding them to post rename them with your topic mean if you want to write a post about Latest Fashion of 2013, you must save them as “fashion-2013.jpg” or according to your choice but kindly don’t rename them as jhg.jpg etc.

Now after inserting any picture into the article it is the time to optimize them for indexing them, it will help you to drive more traffic. You must use Tittle and Alt attribute for better seo, in Tittle tag give a unique tittle to that image and in alt tag write your keyword but make sure keyword might be less than five words.

Optimizing Permalink

It is one of the most important things. Most of newbies don’t give priority to permalinks. I have seen a lot of links which are completely unsuitable. I am giving you an example for both type of links.

Bad Type: http://yoursite.com/pid=189

Good Type: http://yoursite.com/your-keyword

So, I think now you have cleared your mistake, I recommend you that permalink must be short and use your keyword in it.

Enable Meta Description

Meta Description is used to describe your blog and individual post, which is very helpful for web crawlers and users because it attract the spiders to itself. Basically Meta description is used to describe info of a blog and for individual post we used Search Description which will show under the post tittle in search result & ensure it will bring a lot of traffic from search engines.

Make Interlinking with other Posts

Many Professional bloggers advices about interlinking because it will boost up your older posts. Beside this when web crawlers comes to index new post first of all it searches for the links if you have made interlinking with your posts then it will index your new post and give a good position to older post. But make sure make them properly.

Use 3-4% Keyword Destiny

I am sure that most of you had learned about this, if not then I am gonna explain this. Using the main keyword of the article so many times is called as keyword destiny. Most of new bloggers are unaware of this thing they write for just completing their lines and in result they get penalized by penguin. You must use keyword destiny in three to four % keep your blog out from penalties.

Say No to Keyword Stuffing

As I mentioned above some newbies use a keyword again and again for just completing their lines or paragraph, and this is the thing which Google hates specially & I’ve seen a lot of peoples who destroyed their blog by doing this shit. If we write an article about 100 words then we can use main keyword or any word for three times and so on for the same ratio.

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