Best Offline Action Games For Android.

Best Offline Action Games

Best offline action games for Android are interesting and addicting action filled games which do not requires an internet connection to run.
Forget about old android games and migrate to the latest updated lists of action games you can enjoy on your Android device this 2018.
Just before running out of data and getting bored, take a look at these action games on your Android device to keep you alive even whenever you are not connected to the internet.
These games are capable of keeping your company till a perfect alternative for the game is available (just as PUBG killed Temple Run).
Also, you get to explore and experience some new and amazing action games.

  1. Gangstar Vegas – Mafia Game
  2. Unkilled
  3. BombSquad
  4. Dead Trigger 2
  5. Major Mayhem
  6. Into The Dead
  7. Overkill 3
  8. Critical Ops
  9. Alto’s Adventure
  10. Duet


Gangstar Vegas helps you experience the life of Vegas the rugged way, it is an action-filled adventurous game that includes lot fun-filled activities, like destroying your rival gangs, stealing cars and others.
In this game, you fight for your life and at the same time, you kill every visible enemies, gangster or criminal.


Unkilled us an action filled game that lets you challenge your pals in a brutal battle with its multiplayer feature.
In this game, the best costume is needed to build your character and the best weapons are needed to destroy the bunch of zombies. However, you need to look out for some plagues while fighting the Zombies.


BombSquad is also an interesting, amazing and mind-blowing offline game for your Android device.
It also has a Multiplayer feature that makes you challenge and either defeat or get defeated by your peer groups.
You get to live an obviously impossible life in the game with a lot of controls available.
The game includes some features like ninjas, pirates et al.
Download and play this game, and you get to be a hero among your friends.


Dead Trigger 2 is a game that lets you experience the mankind future while battling zombies In their abode.
You need to protect yourself by getting to shoot and kill these zombies before you’re attacked.
You are liable to die easily without the use of some super cool Weapons for battle.
So, get in the Arsenal and get loaded because you’re about to start a real war.


Major Mayhem is a recommended game as one of the best offline action games you can enjoy on your Android device.
This action-packed offline game features a nonstop forty-five levels of action-filled stages.
Your mission is to save both your future and your love life in a free world.
However, they are hanged in the balance, take note and enjoy this action filled game.


Into the dead, just as the name sounds, is filled with a lot of actions that includes the death of the zombies and your survival, which is essential if you want to experience the fun of the game.
A silly or simple mistake leads to your death right in front of you. The real and main task is to survive as long as possible.
The difficulties of the game increase as you complete every levels or stage, Survival Comforts decreases and the dead also rise.
Enjoy this Amazing action-packed game offline, you wouldn’t want to miss this.


Overkill is an offline action game filled with forces of evil factions and their machines that kill brutally, it also has a Multiplayer feature that lets you challenge your friends.
Various difficulties, challenges, and task are presented to you which are quite complicated while also offering you different types of guns to solve the problems.
Strategies can be discussed between you and your partner on how to take down the enemies brought the chat facility that is available in the game.
It is a game that you wouldn’t get bored of, get in here and overkill the enemies!


Critical Ops is an offline action game that is available on your Android devices, it features two modes:

  • Defuse mode where you’re tasked with the challenge of trying to detonate a bomb from the terrorists and
  • Deathmatch mode requires critical, tactical and sensible techniques in order to be on the right lane of action.

Critical Ops is an FPS game that is currently one of the best offline action games on the Android devices.
Visit Google Play Store, download and enjoy the fun-filled action packed game on your phone.


Alto Adventure is an offline adventurous action game on Android devices which is all about the journey of Alto and his friends on a snowboarding epistle.
In this game, while performing stunts on the way, Ilamas can be rescued and collected, the main challenged you’re tasked with is to avoid getting crash while performing stunts.
Sounds simple but you really need to watch out for the difficulties…


Duet is an offline action game that offers an amazing graphics with an interesting storyline which deals with you having to survive all obstacles, you can control and direct two vessels while also trying to survive the most hazardous situation you face.
Duet is an amazing game you should play and get yourself out of boredom.


However, with the above list of offline action games on your Android devices, enjoy the games while you drop your comments and feedback. Also, feel free to use the contact page if there is/are any best offline action games omitted from the list above.

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