How to build obsidian farm in Minecraft

Obsidian is a durable Minecraft building block that is required for the construction of Nether Portals, enchantment tables, and Ender Chests, among other things. Survival Mode players will need Nether Portals in order to slay the Ender Dragon and “beat” the original game in order to progress.

Obsidian is formed anytime water is placed on top of a lava source block, which is a common occurrence. Otherwise, the fractured obsidian block will not drop anything and will simply be destroyed until it is harvested with a diamond or Netherite pickaxe.

In order to make use of the block’s strength as well as its utility in crafting, numerous Minecraft players have devised techniques to harvest or create it, both manually and mechanically.

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Minecraft: Making an obsidian farm

One common version, which uses Redstone and pistons to selectively regulate water flow, has been developed by the Minecraft community and has been used to farm/generate obsidian both actively and AFK (away from the keyboard) for quite some time.

This allows for the harvesting of obsidian to take place in a more controlled and safe manner than if it were to fall into lava inside a cave or mineshaft underground.

Minecraft users may follow the procedures outlined below to set up their own obsidian farm:

  • Excavate a hole that is three blocks broad by one block deep. Surround this hole with non-combustible materials such as earth, cobblestone, iron, andesite, and so on.
  • Create a water flow through the 1×3 hole by filling water buckets with water. Make certain that it does not flow in any other directions, such as over the non-flammable stones.
  • Place three-piston blocks facing inside on top of the non-flammable blocks on the side of the building that is against the water flow. Redstone repeaters should be placed behind each piston and linked together using Redstone dust. Place a block with a stone button on the opposite side of the room, then connect it to the repeaters using a Redstone chain. Placing the fourth piston at the end of the trench between the water and the pistons will help to stabilize the situation. Make certain that this piston is facing inward as well. With the use of a Redstone flame, activate this piston, and make sure that the piston has one additional block of space in front of it when it is expanded. Install the lever by connecting it to a line of Redstone dust that runs from the Redstone torch to the front of the generator.
  • Create an enclosure above the fourth piston at the end of the trench, leaving a block of empty space above the pistons in the trench. This should enable lava to be safely put on top of the piston, but make sure that this cage is likewise non-flammable before proceeding. The area will be filled with lava from a bucket.
  • Redstone dust should be used to line the trench between the water and the pistons.

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When Minecraft players activate the outside lever, if everything has been done properly, it should result in the creation of obsidian blocks over the areas in the trench where the element has been placed. To resume mining the obsidian blocks after the lava has stopped flowing, just flip the lever back to the “mine” position once again.

Prior to mining, the pistons should be used to clear the lava that is resting over the blocks before clicking the stone button. After that, you may simply harvest the obsidian and refill the Redstone dust in the trench. It is possible for Minecraft players to rinse and redo this procedure at their leisure.

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Facts about mine craft

  1. Minecraft began as a little home experiment, and its inventor Markus Persson, better known in the gaming industry as Notch, expressed reservations about the game’s success. We can all see how popular the game has become in recent years.
  1. Who doesn’t think diamonds are expensive? Pumpkins, on the other hand, are practically more valuable than white diamonds in the Minecraft world since they are more difficult to get.
  1. Cats are known to have nine lives, but in Minecraft, they appear to have more. No matter how severely they are struck, they seem to be unaffected.
  1. If we’re talking about food, you should know that you can eat a spider’s eyes if you really want to.
  1. The crafting table in Minecraft, where players make a variety of commodities and resources, was formerly known as the workbench.
  1. The main menu will show a mistake of the game’s title every 10,000 times you play it, such as “Minecraft” instead of “Minecraft.”
  1. When Enderman first emerged, he had green eyes. Mobs in Ender’s Land now have purple eyes, although they still only attack when provoked.
  1. When wooden planks initially appeared in Minecraft, they didn’t look anything like they do today.
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