Mortal’s BGMI Journey

Meet Naman “Mortal” Mathur, the 26-year-old gaming sensation hailing from Mumbai. Revered among BGMI enthusiasts, Mortal is not just a mobile esports player for Team SouL; he’s also a co-owner, making waves in the gaming world.

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Gaming Icon IntroductionNaman “Mortal” Mathur, a Mumbai native, is a revered BGMI player, streamer, and Team SouL co-owner.
Victorious EntrepreneurshipMortal co-owns S8UL with Thug and Goldy, a successful venture post numerous esports and content wins.
The Humble MaestroMortal’s modest demeanor makes him a respected figure in the gaming community.
Daily Show: Live StreamingMortal’s YouTube channel attracts thousands daily, featuring games like Among Us, Valorant, and BGMI.
BGMI Profile PeekUse Mortal’s unique code (590211476) or IGN (SOULMortaL) to explore his BGMI profile.
Seasonal TriumphsIn the latest season, Mortal played 236 matches, winning 141 with a 59.7% win ratio. Top 10 in 219 matches.
F/D Ratio MasteryMortal’s impressive F/D ratio of 6.99, 280488.0 total damage, and 17.3% headshot accuracy are showcased.
Memorable BGMI MomentsMortal’s standout performance: 20 finishes, 2760 damage in a classic match.

From Victory to Entrepreneurship

Teaming up with Animesh “Thug” Agarwal and Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, Mortal ventured into co-owning S8UL, a renowned company, riding high on their triumphs in esports and content development.

The Humble Maestro

What sets Mortal apart is not just his gaming prowess but his modest demeanor, earning him admiration and respect from the entire gaming community.

The Daily Show: Mortal’s Live Streaming Extravaganza

Every day, Mortal’s YouTube channel becomes a virtual playground for thousands of fans, tuning in to watch him conquer games like Among Us, Valorant, and the fan-favorite Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

BGMI Stats Unleashed

BGMI Profile Peek

Curious about Mortal’s BGMI profile? Just input his unique code, 590211476, in the search bar, or use his IGN, SOULMortaL, to delve into the gaming brilliance.

Mortal’s Seasonal Triumphs

In the latest season, Mortal engaged in 236 classic squad mode matches, emerging victorious in a staggering 141 – boasting an impressive win ratio of 59.7%. Additionally, he secured a top 10 spot in 219 matches, showcasing consistent excellence.

F/D Ratio Mastery

Mortal’s total damage count reaches an astonishing 280488.0, averaging 867.0 per match. The jaw-dropping F/D ratio of 6.99 reflects his professional finesse, having vanquished a total of 1,650 foes.

Precision and Power: Headshot Percentage

Mortal’s headshot percentage stands at an awe-inspiring 17.3%, a testament to his precision with 286 headshots.

Memorable Moments in BGMI

Among the myriad thrilling matches, Mortal’s standout performance was in a classic match, where he clinched 20 finishes and dealt a whopping 2760 damage – a moment etched in BGMI history.

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FAQs on Mortal’s BGMI Dominance

  1. <strong>1. What is Mortal's unique code in BGMI?<br></strong>

    Mortal’s unique BGMI code is 590211476.

  2. <strong>2. How many matches has Mortal played in the latest season?<br></strong>

    In the most recent season, Mortal engaged in 236 classic squad mode matches.

  3. <strong>3. What is Mortal's win ratio in BGMI?<br></strong>

    Mortal boasts an impressive win ratio of 59.7%, triumphing in 141 out of 236 matches in the classic squad mode.

  4. <strong>4. What is Mortal's F/D ratio in BGMI?<br></strong>

    Mortal’s F/D ratio is a remarkable 6.99, showcasing his prowess in dealing damage and securing victories.

  5. <strong>5. How many enemies has Mortal defeated in BGMI?<br></strong>

    Mortal has defeated a formidable total of 1,650 enemies in his BGMI journey.

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