Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree Event Milestones and Rewards

Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree Event Milestones and Rewards

Monopoly Go is embracing the holiday spirit with the Twinkle Tree event, offering players more chances to collect sticker packs in this festive season. Similar to the Heartfelt Holidays event, Twinkle Tree introduces a unique twist to keep players on their toes. Let’s delve into the details of the event, milestones, and enticing rewards that await Monopoly Go enthusiasts.

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winkle Tree Event Overview

The Twinkle Tree event in Monopoly Go is all about hopping on random spaces on the board to gather red ornaments, earning you valuable points. These points are then enhanced by your dice multiplier, providing a strategic twist to the classic Monopoly gameplay. The event is a limited-time affair, concluding on December 6, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET, spanning a delightful two full days.

Event Details:

  • Objective: Collect red ornaments on random spaces.
  • Points: Enhanced by your dice multiplier.
  • End Date: December 6, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

Twinkle Tree Milestones and Rewards

Discover the exciting milestones and rewards that the Twinkle Tree event has to offer. Earn event points and unwrap a plethora of goodies to enhance your Monopoly Go experience.

Event PointsRewards
1015 Free Dice Rolls, 5 Peg-E Tokens, 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
15Cash, 8 Peg-E Tokens
2012 Peg-E Tokens
25Cash, 10-Minute Cash Grab Boost
301-Star Green Sticker Pack
4515 Peg-E Tokens, 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
5525 Peg-E Tokens
60Cash, 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack, 40 Peg-E Tokens
7070 Free Dice Rolls
9010-Minute High Roller Bonus
1004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
11560 Peg-E Tokens
140140 Free Dice Rolls
150225 Free Dice Rolls
2004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
250200 Free Dice Rolls
35070 Peg-E Tokens
400500 Free Dice Rolls
5005-Minute Cash Boost Bonus
5505-Star Purple Sticker Pack
80080 Peg-E Tokens
90015-Minute High Roller Bonus
1000100 Peg-E Tokens
1100600 Free Dice Rolls
1100130 Peg-E Tokens
13005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
16001400 Free Dice Rolls
25002000 Free Dice Rolls
62006000 Free Dice Rolls + 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

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