How to use Minecraft’s nautilus shells

Hey there, Minecraft aficionados! Ever stumbled upon a nautilus shell and wondered, “What on Earth do I do with this?” You’re not alone. These shells are more than just pretty; they’re downright useful. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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IntroductionIntroduces the importance and utility of nautilus shells in Minecraft.
What Are Nautilus Shells?Describes what nautilus shells are and where to find them.
Why You Need ThemExplains the crafting and decorative uses of nautilus shells.
How to CollectDetails two methods for collecting nautilus shells: fishing and defeating drowned mobs.
CraftingFocuses on crafting conduits using nautilus shells and a heart of the sea.
Setting Up the ConduitDescribes the materials and steps needed to activate a crafted conduit.
Benefits of ConduitsLists the advantages of using conduits, such as underwater breathing and improved vision.
Tips and TricksOffers advice for efficient collection and utilization of nautilus shells.
Common MistakesWarns against using nautilus shells for trivial crafts and forgetting to activate conduits.
AlternativesSuggests other items like sponges for underwater projects when nautilus shells are unavailable.
Community InsightsShares how the Minecraft community creatively uses nautilus shells.
Updates and ChangesAdvises keeping an eye on Minecraft updates for potential changes to nautilus shells.

What Are Nautilus Shells?

Nautilus shells are unique items in Minecraft that resemble, well, a nautilus shell. You’ll typically find them when you’re fishing or looting drowned mobs. They’re not just for show; these shells have a purpose.

Why You Need Nautilus Shells

So, why bother with these shells? First off, they’re essential for crafting conduits, which are super handy underwater. Additionally, they make for some snazzy decorative items.

How to Collect Nautilus Shells

Two main ways exist for collecting these shells: fishing and defeating drowned mobs. Fishing is straightforward, but for drowned mobs, you’ll need to venture underwater and engage in some combat.

Crafting with Nautilus Shells

The primary use for nautilus shells is crafting conduits. To make a conduit, you’ll need eight nautilus shells and a heart of the sea. Once crafted, you can use it to create an underwater base or for other nifty projects.

Setting Up the Conduit

Got your conduit crafted? Awesome. Now, you’ll need prismarine blocks to activate it. Arrange these blocks in a specific pattern, place your conduit, and voila! You’ve got yourself an operational conduit.

Benefits of Using a Conduit

Conduits offer a range of benefits, especially underwater. They give you improved vision, faster mining speed, and even the ability to breathe underwater. Pretty rad, right?

Tips and Tricks

Want to maximize your nautilus shell collection? Use a fishing rod with the “Lure” enchantment. Also, consider battling drowned mobs during the night for better drop rates.

Common Mistakes

Avoid using nautilus shells for trivial crafts. They’re rare, so save them for important projects like conduits. Also, don’t forget to activate your conduit with prismarine blocks.

Alternatives to Nautilus Shells

If you’re out of nautilus shells, consider using sponges or other items for your underwater projects. However, these alternatives won’t offer the same benefits as a conduit.

Community Insights

The Minecraft community loves nautilus shells for their versatility. Some players even create art installations using these shells. What will you create?

Updates and Changes

Minecraft updates often bring changes. Keep an eye on patch notes to see if nautilus shells get any new uses or modifications.

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Can I eat nautilus shells?

Nope, they’re not edible.

Do nautilus shells spawn in specific biomes?

They can be found in any body of water.

How many nautilus shells do I need for a conduit?

You’ll need eight shells.

Can I trade nautilus shells with villagers?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Is there a way to farm nautilus shells?

Fishing and defeating drowned mobs are your best bets.


Nautilus shells are more than just eye candy; they’re a valuable resource in Minecraft. From crafting conduits to making art, the possibilities are endless. So the next time you find one, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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