Minecraft Survival House Ideas

This post is going to go over the best survival house ideas for Minecraft. These houses will help you stay alive and look stylish while doing it!

Survival in Minecraft is pretty straightforward: collect resources, craft items, and defend your hard-won territory from hostile mobs. But crafting weapons and armour, building a shelter, and farming crops can get repetitive without some unique twists on the traditional formula. That’s where these awesome survival house ideas come in! We’ve put together a list of the most creative Minecraft home designs: some old favourites with new twists; new designs that stand out from the crowd; and even a few of our own creations that we’re particularly proud of.

1. The Mancave

A fully furnished house, complete with a working television and an upstairs bedroom? Sure, you could put all of this together with a few trips to the local village blacksmith — but it would take a lot longer and be less rewarding. With a little time and a few well-timed tames, finding all of these resources can be as easy as taming a chicken (or even easier!).

2. The Underground Apartment

Living underground sounds boring until you consider that you can build a large basement behind your house for storage at much lower cost than building above ground. This design is a unique twist on the “basement apartment” build popularised by the red-coloured Glass Subway tunnelling system. The white marble walls brighten up the underground space, and a large well makes for easy access to water, which is especially important in desert biomes. A metal roof also helps insulate your home from hostile mobs!

3. The Tree House

You’ll need lots of wood and a tree to get started, but this unconventional Minecraft building plan has several advantages over traditional houses. For starters, you can place it pretty much anywhere you want; it’s not restricted to the edges of your property like most homes are. Plus, the vista is unparalleled!

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