Minecraft discord servers to join

Minecraft discord servers to join

As Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world, players naturally desire a central location where they can socialise, debate game tactics, exchange ideas, and so on. And what could be better than a Discord server where you can join an active community, meet friends, and play games together? So, in this post, I’ll show you the 7 greatest Minecraft Discord servers with a large community and a secure atmosphere. On that point, here is a list of the best Minecraft Discord servers.

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The Top Minecraft Discord Servers

On this page, we’ve listed the best Minecraft survival Discord servers accessible. The list may be found in the table below, and you can easily get to the appropriate area by clicking on the server name.

#1. Mystic

Mystic is one of the most popular Minecraft Discord servers, with over 33k users and a 4.6 rating. Mystic is the server to join if you’re mostly seeking for Minecraft-related prizes. Among the various Minecraft servers on Discord, it boasts an active and inviting community.

You may talk to other members around the clock, discuss your gaming and ideas, and, best of all, get Minecraft modifications all in one spot. Apart from that, Mystic also does Anime game giveaways if that’s something you’re interested in. Overall, if you’re looking for an all-around Minecraft Discord server, Mystic is one of the better options.

#2. Official Minecraft Discord

The official Minecraft Discord channel has over 700,000 active users, making it one of the most popular Discord servers on the internet.

Given that it is the official Minecraft Discord server, one would question why it isn’t much higher on this list. The reason for this is because, while Discord is still a relatively young platform, there is still a strict limit of 700,000 users per server, making it difficult for new players to join.

Every week, moderators eliminate inactive accounts, thus gamers should try their luck periodically to see if they can secure a seat.

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#3. Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another Minecraft Discord server that has a large following of both experienced players and newcomers to the game. The server is well-known for its lively Minecraft discussions that run 24 hours a day, as well as giveaways for the Discord Nitro premium membership.

Because the server has stringent standards and several Discord bots to keep users in check against spam and excessive posts, you will find non-toxic folks here. As a result, you have a clean environment in which to converse with Minecraft players from all around the globe and learn new things about the game. To summarise, Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft Discord server that you should definitely check out.

#4. Cosmic MC

At its core, Cosmic Craft is a Minecraft hub server, including a variety of traditional Minecraft multiplayer gamemodes. This Discord server has been fine-tuned throughout the course of its almost 8-year existence.

On their Discord server, Cosmic Craft conducts regular prizes, including frequent Discord nitro giveaways. Players may enter these for free and have a chance to win.

#5. The Vent

The Vent is a Minecraft Discord server that isn’t very popular. It is one of the newest servers that has received positive feedback and might be the ideal destination for many Minecraft fans. You may form your own group on the server and specify a variety of rules that will govern it. There will be no bots or staff personnel to regulate your group, which is a feature that no other server on our list provides.

You can also use the server’s many tools, interact with other members of the community, and play games together. Having said that, although the community here is mostly non-toxic, you may encounter some retaliation if you join particular lobbies. Overall, The Vent is becoming more popular, and you should absolutely join this Minecraft Discord server.

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#6. Skyblock Simplified

Fans of the enormously popular Hypixel Skyblock game mode may be interested in checking out the Skyblock Simplified Discord server, which is a dedicated community oriented on anything that has anything to do with Hypixel Skyblock and its predecessors.

Players may exchange their Skyblock things with other players on the Skyblock Simplified Discord channel, acquire useful tips and tactics, or just talk about the game with other like-minded fans on the server.

#7. Hypixel

Hypixel is suitable for all types of game players, with a particular emphasis on Minecraft players. With this server, you can simply meet new people and schedule a meeting to discuss your thoughts on the game’s mechanics. Aside from Minecraft gamers, Sky Wars and Murder Mystery players may also join in on the fun and share their gaming experiences.

You are not need to be the greatest player in order to establish your place on our server. The goal is that even complete novices may participate in this forum to engage in discussion and exhibit their enthusiasm for video games.


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